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Local State University Seeks Global Conquest

Here’s one for Columbus Day

Tearing a page from the Archer Daniels Midland Company, the State University of New York at Buffalo is moving closer to becoming the State University to the World, according to this report in the Buffalo News. Seems the SUNY school has been ranked 198th by Times Higher Education World. It apparently did not place among the same publication’s Reputation Rankings.

According to the News story:

“Moving into the top 200 will enhance UB’s already strong reputation overseas and help us attract outstanding students from around the world,” said Stephen C. Dunnett, a UB professor and vice provost for international education. In the United States, UB consistently places in the top 20 universities in the country for international student enrollment.

Which is quite an accomplishment, considering it’s a goal that is nowhere mentioned in the State University of New York’s mission statement.

(emphasis added)

Mission Statement

The mission of the state university system shall be to provide to the people of New York educational services of the highest quality, with the broadest possible access, fully representative of all segments of the population in a complete range of academic, professional and vocational postsecondary programs including such additional activities in pursuit of these objectives as are necessary or customary. These services and activities shall be offered through a geographically distributed comprehensive system of diverse campuses which shall have differentiated and designated missions designed to provide a comprehensive program of higher education, to meet the needs of both traditional and non-traditional students and to address local, regional and state needs and goals. In fulfilling this mission, the state university shall exercise care to develop and maintain a balance of its human and physical resources that:

—recognizes the fundamental role of its responsibilities in undergraduate education and provides a full range of graduate and professional education that reflects the opportunity for individual choice and the needs of society;

—establishes tuition which most effectively promotes the university’s access goals;

—encourages and facilitates basic and applied research for the purpose of the creation and dissemination of knowledge vital for continued human, scientific, technological and economic advancement;

—strengthens its educational and research programs in the health sciences through the provision of high quality general comprehensive and specialty health care, broadly accessible at reasonable cost, in its hospitals, clinics and related programs and through networks and joint and cooperative relationships with other health care providers and institutions, including those on a regional basis;

—shares the expertise of the state university with the business, agricultural, governmental, labor and nonprofit sectors of the state through a program of public service for the purpose of enhancing the well-being of the people of the state of New York and in protecting our environmental and marine resources;

—encourage, support and participate through facility planning and projects, personnel policies and programs with local governments, school districts, businesses and civic sectors of host communities regarding the health of local economies and quality of life;

—promotes appropriate program articulation between its state-operated institutions and its community colleges as well as encourages regional networks and cooperative relationships with other educational and cultural institutions for the purpose of better fulfilling its mission of education, research and service.

(NYS Education Law, Section 351)


But hey, New York ain’t called the Empire State for nothin’, you know what I’m sayin’?

  • Jim_Holstun

    SUNY’s glorious Mission Statement underlines the tawdriness of all the recent huckster “visions” (like UB 2020), just as Jesse Jackson’s astonishing 1984 and 1988 platforms underline how far we’ve sunk, how little we settle for with the ostensible “liberals” like Obama, Higgins, Hochul, Schumer, and Gillibrand. See,_1984.

  • Jesse Griffis

    WTF are you on, Buck?

    The guy you quote is “vice provost for international education.” What exactly the hell do you think he’s going to say? “Well, we’re good on the int’l student front but who gives a crap about that?”

    What the hell does its reputation as a good place for int’l students have to do with your boldfacing the tuition line? Are int’l students somehow sucking your tax dollars away, Buck?

    For an alleged “progressive”, whining about the scary foreigners doesn’t become AV. What, hosting innumerable foreign students somehow takes something away from you, Buck?

    Do they talk too funny, Buck? Does their food smell weird, Buck?

    • Jim_Holstun

      “WTF,” Jesse? Here’s WTF: UB was built and is owned by the citizens of New York state. An unholy conspiracy of NY plutocrats who want to cut their taxes, and SUNY and UB administrators who have forgotten the SUNY mission statement, are trying to turn UB into an international corporation–including building a SUNY campus in Korea, and bumping up the international student (i.e., maximum tuition-paying) student quotient at UB to 20%. The point here is not touchy-feely multiculturalism; the point is making money by exporting education.

      What’s next, Jesse? “Hey, guess what–Western New Yorkers complain about being gutted by the steel industry that they built going overseas–they must be RACIST!”

      Please, Jesse, tell me you’re not a SUNY grad. That would make it harder to go there and teach today.

  • Jim, UB was built as a private medical and pharmacy college in the mid 1800’s. UB is one of the largest employers in NY as a whole. It provides $1.7 billion in economic value per year. It also attracts very bright minds from out of state and from foreign countries. I’m from Boston, I would know this. These 30,000 students upon a hill in Buffalo will be the breadwinners for this great city. They are intellectuals who deliver a great economic impact on Buffalo. UB 2020 is a fantastic plan because it will make UB more competitive with other top universities, and it will grow & expand the 3 campuses. UB’s endowment alone is the largest public endowment in the entire northeast (currently, it stands at $736.3 million). You would be an idiot to not notice the impact UB students have on Western New York.