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YAK Car Pic of the Day


Apparently not every old California car ages gracefully. This 1965 Plymouth Fury III hardtop with tags from the Golden State, parked in a Tonawanda driveway, has definitely seen better days. Furys were numbered I, II, and III, with the Sport Fury riding the top of the model heap. Many Fury Is were either police cars or taxi cabs (or, if your Dad was a real cheapskate, your family’s car). In 1966 a new model was added at the top — the VIP — to counter Ford’s LTD and Chevy’s Caprice. The middle class cars were movin’ on up, adding luxury features previously offered only on higher priced cars like Mercury, Buick, and Chrysler. The blurring of brands had begun, and would never turn back.

Fury I police cruiser

sexy beskirted Fury II









— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know…

  • MaxPlanck

    My older brother’s best friend bought a new ’65 Sport Fury in the Fall of ’64. That car was one sweet ride, boasting  a 318 coupled with a Torqueflite transmission. He later kicked himself for trading the Fury in on a ’67 Chrysler Newport, which was an indistinguishable tin box. Certainly a regrettable transaction….

    • Jim Corbran

      Some friends’ grandfather traded in his ’62 Newport for a ’66 Sport Fury. As a 13-year-old, whose Dad drove a plain-Jane ’63 Galaxie, I’d have been thrilled to have either one in our driveway!