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YAK Car Pic of the Day

’92 Chrysler New Yorker Salon, Sheldon, N.Y.

Perhaps you really can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Or at least, a knock-off silk purse. Like this 1992 Chrysler New Yorker Salon, which deep under the skin (well, not that deep) is one of Chrysler’s lowly K-Cars. The brochure said “Judged solely by its traditional profile, you’d guess Salon’s price tag would match its classic appearance.” I don’t know. I never would have guessed they were asking almost nineteen grand for this thing. Even in 1992 dollars. The final K-Car, the 1989 Dodge Aries America, sold for $7,595. Yeah, the New Yorker was a bit more posh, and three years down the road. But, really? This white New Yorker was spotted in the yard of a home in the Town of Sheridan.

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know…