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Get Your Secret UB Shale Institute Documents Here!

As promised in today’s print edition, here are the long-awaited documents that are the product of this Freedom of Information Law request filed on July 12.

Yesterday, SUNY Trustee Joseph Belluck filed this memorandum calling for transparency regarding the UB Shale Resources and Society institute (SRSI). You can read about it here.

These partially-redacted documents should start shining some light on things. Click on the links below to get your very own PDFs!





First commenter to explain why Dean Pitman advises SRSI co-director John Martin to direct tax questions (pertaining to his $1,000/month travel expenses) to the UB Foundation Office wins a SECRET PRIZE!

  • Charley_Tarr

    In every dark day of activism, you hope to find a man like Joseph
    Belluck at the epicenter of something you care about:

    Wholly separate of the SUNY Chancellery, it is a welcome diplomatic relief to find sanity and health-of-devotion within the  leadership of the State Legislature and the SUNY Trustees. 
    Mr. Belluck among them is to be applauded for his prior journeys and his present voice across a
    variety of committees. 

    Real-time guidelines for consequences the Trustees wisely hope to avoid are framed within this September 10, 2012 letter to Dr. Elizabeth H. Sibolski,  President of the Middle States
    Commission on Higher Education.

  • BuffaloBeat

    The more important question — does Bruce Pitman sign ALL of his emails with Green Day lyrics?