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Bob Dylan at Artpark

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That’s Bob, the man in black

Bob Dylan delivered a memorable performance in Lewiston last night, kicking things off with “Watching the River Flow,” a great choice for this venue perched above the mighty Niagara. The 71-year-old music icon led his band through this set list, often reworking melodies in interesting ways. Those great lyrics still pop out, even if he’s stretching out the meter or barking out the words at a rushed clip in his unforgettable, raspy voice. He boogied on the piano, wailed on the harmonica, and also coaxed applause from the audience for his guitar solo on “Simple Twist of Fate.” 

One great thing about Dylan is how he gets up there and puts the “play” into playing music. Like snowflakes, no two performances are alike on his Never-ending Tour. Last night’s sold-out crowd—ranging in age from less than one to over 80 years old—loved him for it.


  • don’t get me wrong, I love Dylan, and have seen him 4 times, but last night’s performance was bad. Terrible acoustics, you couldn’t understand a word he sang, he sat in the dark alot of the time. and the re-arrangements are his perogative, but I have seen it 2X now (the other was rochester last year) and it’s not my thing.

    Just my opinion, I walked out with alot of others…

  • Zoinks2012


  • mganczok

    Been a Dylan fan since the late 60’s and unfotunatley now accepting the fact that we will never hear anything close to the original Dylan voice & sound (except on recordings).  I continue to appreciate his incredible atistic talent and sustainablility, I only wish he would give the audience a little taste of what they are hungry for.   I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling disspaointed.  I heard small snippits of his old sound (perhaps a measure or two)  that would peek throuigh the midst of the non recognizeable grumbling/barking sounds throughout the performance.  The band faced Bob the entire time looking like they were trying to determine which way he would go next in the song.  I just don’t get it, he works so hard and goes through all the trouble of touring and putting on nearly 100 concerts per year, why not give the audience what they came to hear?  The four of us sat in the 3rd row center seats at the Artpark concert but feeling more  like we were in th eback row as Bob Dylan seems to stay as far away form the sudience as possible hiding behind the piano.  We all stayed to the bitter end for the “Blowin in the Wind” enchore which also didnt do it for us.  Knowing that this would be my last live Dylan performance (unless I am willing to go to the next concert alone) plus my wife and friends say I owe them big time for making them sit through the concert with me… 
    Bob Dylan, Thanks for the memories… “Gotta Serve Somebody” how about the Audience?

  • Mosrite

    Dylan is Dylan….he does what he like as an artist. God bless him. He should not have played the piano or lead guitar at the Artpark show, I was there. He sang great I thought, but his off time piano playing and wrong notes didn’t go well with the great band he had. If Bob was to do a few solo piano numbers without the band that would have worked better. I love Dylan and have seen him a bunch of times live. His words and the way he sings them are fantastic! I do hope he continues to perform live for many years….he is Dylan and that is enough for me.

  • Hopeabounds

    I think Bob historically has made no bones about his contempt and distain for the public. He does his show for himself – not for the audience. He fails to remember that we pay the bills,  but the bills get paid no matter how he treats us.  The audiences come out and pay a pretty fair buck to see the legend.  The legend comes out, does whatever he wants, and the audience feels blessed that they saw him perform live.

    Me too,  I’ve been to a heck of a lot of a lot of his shows throughout the years but no more.  I’m not paying for this kind of show no more. Nope,  I’m officially retired.

    love ya, Bob!  Hope you live long and continue to prosper.