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Cryptic Billboard on the 33: Lost Bet?

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I’ve driven past this billboard several times, and finally managed to snap a quick picture of it. I posted it to Facebook and Twitter, asking, WTF?!  It reeks of a political hit mailer, and it’s clearly not selling anything. 

I received a bunch of speculation, but one answer seems plausible, and was repeated a few times by different people. The guys in the picture lost a bet, and this is what the winners selected as their “punishment”. If anyone knows the story, or knows who they are, or what the bet was over, I’d love to know. 

  • One of my best friend’s sister is these guys sister/daughter in law. Here’s what she put on her facebook about it: It was a bet between father, son and son in law. Son won. So pic of the two losers went up on a billboard with an embarassing/hilarious caption…lol.

  • I’m mostly gratified they got “affect” right. 

  • Ismaeal Naji

    in more ways than one