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UB Math Professor Defends Incorrect Math

Today, Public Accountability Initiative (PAI) researcher and UB Law student Rob Galbraith publishes this piece reiterating how incorrect the math is in the first report issued by the Shale Resources and Society Institute (SRSI) at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Last week, UB math professor and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Bruce Pitman again defended the institute’s work in this story published in the UB Spectrum student newspaper. From the Spectrum story:

“All the data that was used was clearly in the report,” Pitman said. “PAI took data from the very report turned it around and said, ‘Oh if you do the calculations this way something else happens.’ So was the report honest and open and did it disclose all the facts and define all its terms? I think it did. People choosing to interpret things differently – absolutely fair enough – but you can’t discredit the report if it’s providing you the data you’re choosing to look at differently.”

Apparently, Pitman seems to be looking at the data, and concluding that, indeed, 5>8.

Which is definitely choosing a different way of looking at things.

  • “It doesn’t take an advanced degree in mathematics, which Dr. Pitman has, to see that 8 major polluting events per 1000 wells is more than 5 major polluting events per 1000 wells. The claim that 8 is less than 5 is not open to interpretation as Dr. Pitman suggested in the Spectrum; it is an instance of the SRSI report’s authors either misreading or misrepresenting their data.”

    Classic Rob Galbraith. 

  • Jim_Holstun

    As a UB English prof and part-time Popeye impersonator, I would just like to say that I sees nothing wrong with Dean Pitman’s math.