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YAK Car Pic of the Day

From the “You don’t see one of these every day” department — a 1948 Packard Eight (above, and below left). Still on the road, it’s in for its annual NYS inspection at a Wilson garage. (Alert readers will notice the dark blue YAKmobile above in the background.) Unfortunately, Packard wouldn’t last another ten years after this car was manufactured. Okay, there were Packards being sold through MY 1958, but starting in MY 1957 they were nothing more than tarted-up Studebakers. No, actually they were more than tarted-up Studebakers — they were really tarted-up Studebakers. You had to truly want something with a Packard nameplate to buy one of those things. The ’48s are often called “pregnant elephants,” and not in a complimentary way. The front, to me, looks like it just bit into a lemon; the back is barely styled at all. Ho-hum. They were roomy inside though. I guess that’s something. 



No… it’s a station SEDAN. Really.









— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know…