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YAK Car Pic of the Day

I’d often see this 1976-ish Datsun 280Z in a Grand Island driveway, then a few days later on a street in downtown Niagara Falls. This went on for a while until I took this photo one day a while back. Haven’t seen it since. The 280Z was the third-generation Z-car: the 2.4 liter-engined 1970 240Z came first, followed by the 2.6 liter-engined 1974 260Z, and — guess what sized engine the 1975 280Z had? A rather ungainly-looking 2+2 was version introduced to the U.S. market when the 280Z debuted, and to me anyway, this was the beginning of the end. What had been an inexpensive sports car was turning into an expensive luxury GT, with the final 1984-89 versions of the basic original body style, now known as 300ZX, looking like full-sized Hot Wheels cars. To me, anyways.

’76 280Z

’84 300ZX









— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know…



  • hwhamlin

    I bought a ’72 240Z for $4,222.
    Nine years later I traded it in for $2,600.
    Best $1,622 I ever spent on a car.

    • Jim Corbran

      I’m wondering… what car did you trade the 240Z for?