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YAK Car Pic of the Day

You’re forgiven if, being a regular reader you looked at this photo and thought, “Oh, another Frazer.” Wrong you are, YAK-breath. This is a 1947-48 Kaiser, which, you may have noticed, from a distance (a very short distance, as it turns out) looks very much like the slightly more upscale Frazer. Both cars were built by the Kaiser-Frazer Corporation, which began selling cars for the 1947 model year. Henry Kaiser made a fortune building ships during World War II, while Joseph Frazer was born rich, yet decided to enter the automobile business at a young age low on the industrial totem pole — as a mechanic’s helper. Their 1947 models, among the first modern-looking cars of the post-war era, soon grew stale, as the Big Three easily outspent them (and other independents) with new models faster than you could say “car loan.” The final Frazer was the 1951, while the Kaiser lasted through until MY 1955. The red car pictured above was spotted a while ago in a Grand Island driveway, where it has since disappeared under a tarp.

1947 Kaiser brochure art

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know…

  • Max Planck

    That one’s a real gem, Jim and looks like it’s had much better care than that forlorn Frazer you spotted in Silver Creek a while back. I sent that pic to my brother, who pointed out that K-F used the indefatigable Continental ‘Red Seal’ engine, which were used in all types of applications in addition to passenger cars.

    • Jim Corbran

      Max, did you see the same-era Frazer which was posted here on August 2nd? It looked brand new.