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Bloomberg Reports on UB Faculty/Staff Letter

Bloomberg’s Jim Efstathiou Jr. posted this story today, garnering still more bad press for the State University of New York at Buffalo (UB) thanks to its secretive Shale Resources and Society Institute (SRSI).

As we reported on Thursday, 83 UB professors and staff have signed on to the letter Efstathiou refers to, calling for full transparency surrounding the controversial institute.

Still not a peep from UB administration.

UB’s fall semester hasn’t had such a sloppy start since former president John Barclay Simpson decided to resign on the first day of classes two years ago.

  • BufChester

    To repeat my previous query, what percentage of the total professorial and professional staff at UB are those 83 signers?

    • BufChester,

      Well, there are more than 83 professors and staff at
      UB, certainly. By posing this question twice, are you implying that the
      83 professors and staff form a trivial minority whose courage in going
      on the record should be overlooked? Bloomberg doesn’t appear to think

      But then, the pro-industry Marcellus Drilling News calls Bloomberg
      “anti-drilling” and says these 83 are on a “witch hunt” against the UB
      Shale Resources and Society Institute (SRSI).

      No offense, Buf, if I may call you that, but you don’t even have the courage to sign your name on this blog.

      a question for you: Why haven’t we seen an open letter to UB
      administration coming out in support of the sham academics exhibited by
      SRSI in its first report?

      How many professors would want to go on
      the record supporting a report that was cobbled together by gas
      industry shills, riddled with inaccuracies, passed off as peer-reviewed
      when it wasn’t, and plainly unmasked far and wide in the media as being
      an example of everything a major research university should avoid becoming?

      Dr. Jacobi—who is still working part time for UB Geology while employed
      by the gas industry—should write up a letter supporting the kind of
      research done by SRSI and go about collecting signatures from the UB
      community. It would be interesting to have a list of names of professors
      and staff who advocate shaping scientific research results to suit the
      needs and desires of the corporate interests who also pay them on the

      Maybe UB is simply loaded with such a silent majority. If
      that’s the case, why not give them all an opportunity to sign on the dotted line and step out from the
      shadows so they can be given all the attention they deserve? I’d be
      happy to print such a list.

      Thanks for reading.