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Hugh Laurie and The Copper Bottom Band: Sold Out

Hugh Laurie and The Copper Bottom Band

Tuesday, August 28

Although you may know him as the actor who plays Dr. Gregory House, the protagonist of House, a role that landed him in the 2011 Guinness Book of World Records as the highest paid actor in a TV Drama, Hugh Laurie is also a musician and recording artist (amongst many other titles such as voice artist, comedian, and director). Ever since he was eight-years old, Laurie has been enthralled by the blues and says music is his “first love.” His debut album, Let Them Talk, captures the dark alleys, haunted speakeasies, and creaky corners of New Orleans blues. For his live performances, Laurie will be on vocals and piano and will be joined onstage by The Copper Bottom Band, featuring renowned musicians Jay Bellerose on drums, Kevin Breit on guitars, Vincent Henry on horns, David Plitch on bass, and Patrick Warrn on keyboard and accordion. Laurie confesses, “I was not born in Alabama in the 1890s I’ve never eaten grits, cropped a share, or ridden a boxcar. No gypsy woman said anything to my mother when I was born and there’s no hellhound on my trail, as far as I can judge. Let this record show that I am a white, middle-class Englishman, openly trespassing on the music and myth of the American south. Provenance and genealogy aside, Laurieís passion for the blues can be heard in every note of his album. He said, “I love this music, as authentically as I know how, and I want you to love it too. And if you get a thousandth of the pleasure from it that I’ve had, we’re all ahead of the game.” What is sure to be a soulfully entertaining performance this Tuesday (August 28) at the Riviera Theatre is already sold out. —jill greenberg