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Wheels in the Grass

In the snow is more like it. This 1968-69 AMC Javelin (above) was seen last winter outside of a Niagara Falls junk yard (do they still call them that?), where it looks like someone had set it aside from The Crusher. I hope so. Even though it looks like it’s been modified over the years, it seems like there’s enough there to bring it back from the dead. The Javelin was AMC’s (somewhat late) response to Ford’s Mustang, Chevy’s Camaro, and Plymouth’s Barracuda. And it probably would have been more successful if: it had come out sooner; and it hadn’t been saddled with AMC’s reputation for building cars only your aunt would buy. Too bad, because it was a good car, which compared favorably to the others in its class. Also offered by AMC was the AMX, which was basically a Javelin with a slice from the center removed, turning it into a two-seater — which was also not a big hit with buyers. But it did bring people into the showrooms, which is often the point of a niche car like the AMX.

Big Bad Orange ’69 Javelin



’68 Javelin publicity shot


’68 AMX











— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know…

  • RichardSloan

    Nice find.  The ’69 AMX is one of my all-time favorites.