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Buffalo Leads Nation in F-Bomb Tweets

Filed under: Local Interest, News

This story in the UK’s Daily Mail calls Buffalo one of the rudest places in America, based on our volume of “fuck you” tweets.

From the story:

Los Angles seems to be both the city of angels and of demons. Users in southern California offer plenty of polite greetings, but also dish out a tremendous amount of curses.

It still doesn’t compare to Buffalo. The city in western New York state is surprisingly upset.

It’s more vulgar than Philadelphia. Angrier than New York City. More miserable than Detroit and less content than Chicago.

Maybe it’s already time for a new branding piece to replace the inspirational “Buffalo. For Real.” campaign. 

Something like the old “Talking Proud” campaign…but with more gritty, realistic lyrics…

How about Buffalo’s got a spirit…talking shit, talking shit…?


  • Jim_Holstun

    Dear oh dear, and mercy me oh my, it would appear that we’ve gone and offended the delicate sensibilities of the UK’s most racist, fascist, shit-speckled tabloid. Can you forgive us, chums?

    Message to my fellow Buffalonians: let us endeavour not to be such a bunch of fucking foulmouths. I mean really.

    Terribly sorry about the empire and all.

  • I can’t fucking believe this shit. Fucking brit’s…

  • Carl Gorney

    Ah, F the Daily Mail!

    Does anyone know what the Daily Mail IS? It’s a right wing tabloid in the UK…comparable to, say, the New York Post. And no one’s holding THAT paper up as a bastion of journalistic integrity.

  • Jim_Holstun

    It would appear that the other comments are too obscene to show. Buffalo, you’ve done us proud!