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YAK Car Pic of the Day

Although it was the rear styling that got the most comments, the front of the 1959 Chevy Biscayne (above) is also somewhat bizzaro. Those narrow “eyebrows” which sit over the grille give a “squinty” look to the whole front; and those tiny turn indicators at the outside ends weren’t the easiest to see at night with the headlights on. Could the strange styling be the reason that Ford outsold Chevy for MY 1959? What are the odds? The Biscayne two-door sedan was the second-cheapest full-sized 1959 Chevy — there was actually a Biscayne utility sedan (with no back seat) which sold for less. The photo below from The Andy Griffith Show is odd in that most of the cars seen on the show were Fords — yet heres’a a Biscayne two-door pulling up in front of the sheriff’s office. Probably some suspicious characters, if you ask me. Today’s white example was found a while back in a Town of Lockport driveway.

Barney, Andy, Biscayne



“Holy tailfins, Batman!”


“Highway Patrol” undercover car















— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

  • Max Planck

    I’m sure you recall, too Jim the controversy about the ’59 Chevy’s tailfins and the potential for “uplift” of the car’s rear end at high speeds. I don’t think that amounted to much as if it did really occur, those machines would have never seen a NASCAR track. And, good find on a rare appearance by a non-FOMOCO product on The Andy Griffith Show!