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Police vs. Questioner at Truthland Screening in Buffalo, NY

Here is a snippet of video I shot with my phone at the screening of “Truthland” at the Burchfield Penney Arts Center on Thursday, July 26. The center is located on the campus of SUNY College at Buffalo. I only started recording when a campus public safety officer stepped in to have a few words with Adam Drury, a student who was posing questions to the assembled panel. Look at the response he provoked from the natural gas industry representatives, as well as the police wearing bulletproof vests. The entire room had perhaps 40-50 people. At one point, I counted seven officers.

The woman at the lectern is Cherie Messore, Director of Public Relations Independent Oil & Gas Association of NY (IOGA). The panelists are, from left to right:

Scott Cline

Dennis Holbrook

John Holko

WBFO reporter Daniel Robison filed this story of the event.

A tip to Messore: The next time IOGA stages a public event at a public college, consider it bad form to instruct the security detail to remove a student from the venue for being so insolent as to ask questions.

  • Jim_Holstun

     And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen: the frackers rent a hall for the evening, and they

    –admit that they make movies “down to the level” of their audiences,
    –interrupt questioners repeatedly,
    –act as if they own the hall and can call on campus cops to toss people out. The cops get in on the act, and threaten to close the whole hall down for the evening.

    Are these the sorts of people you want to lease your property to? God help us.

  • James Northrup

    Re the question about Energy in Depth giving presentations in media manipulations – of course they do

    Whoever spoke up must have been an EID shill – not one of the panelist 

    Who admitted that Truthland was not particularly true . . 

    Truthland’s moment of truth

  • DontLetFactsStopYou

    Wow, Buck what happened to showing the whole video (your demand wasn’t it)?  You cut the entire portion where this kid was ranting and raving like a lunatic and had to be asked multiple times to restrain himself?  Do you have even a shred of ethics?  Does your editor?

    Show the whole video where he was screaming into the microphone, rudely shouting over anyone attempting to comment from the panel who dared to interrupt his speech… He was then asked repeatedly to actually ask a question, then once he again started speaking over everyone during the answer and after 5 minutes of this where the panel, who everyone was there to ask “questions” to, weren’t even able to speak, he was asked to take a seat so others could ask questions which everyone applauded… a far cry from an infringement on any civil rights (MLK Jr. would be rolling in his grave if he knew how people like you would abuse this claim)

    I am impressed with your underhanded tactics and video editing, having someone rant and rave and rudely make false accusations and then start filming the reaction when people get fed up with his antics… it is a great way to paint a false picture with your crew as the victim and further your agenda even if it is unethical.

    Your biggest supporter here James “Chip” Northrup has already been discredited many times as a complete fraud and fabricator.  Keep up the good work attempting to misinform people, maybe Buffalo and SNY and WNY can suffer for another 50 years with people like you around spreading misinformation.

    By the way, what do you use to heat your home during the winter?

    • Jim_Holstun

       The whole video is up, supplementing Buck’s unedited Iphone clip nicely, and undercutting the pseudonymous ravings and rantings of Mr. Dont: One of the identifying traits of the fracksters from TruthyLand is their frantic desire to shout out “lie!” and “misinformation!” and their pathetic inability to back it up.

      The parting halfwit sally is a favorite. “What’s that? You say you’re drowning? But what is it you drink from glasses with meals–could it be WATER?!!”

      • Looks like whoever shot this video did so surreptitiously. So “integrity” isn’t taught at UB?

      • Jim_Holstun

         “NY Energy”? What a funny nickname. Anyway, Joe, try reading before speculating: “whoever” is Buck Quigley, who says “I shot,” etc. Your comment would be like me saying, “Hey, whoever wrote that last comment is a moron,” when I know that “NY Energy” is the moron. And where did you get the idea that there’s anything “surreptitious” about standing up and shooting a video with an Iphone, and then saying “I shot it”? Or that IOGA gets to control everything that goes on in the hall because you rented it?  Or that you were at UB (it was Buff State)?

        And don’t you see that this kind of arrogance is turning off the people you hope to scam into leases in New York State?

        No, you don’t. And that’s why you’re losing. I hope you’re not counting on a big rise in your gas stock to pay the mortgage.

      • The reference is to the full length video which appears in your previous link, which is clearly not shot from Buckaroo’s phone cam and appears to have been tripod-shot from the back of the room.

      • Jim_Holstun

         Ah, now you’re clear. The tripod-shot video was by members of UB CLEAR, a group set up to address the efforts of fracksters to purchase academic legitimacy through the UB Shale Resources and Society Institute. Everything open and above board, and even approved by Ms Cherie “IOGA” Messore before the festivities began. True, she panicked briefly, and called on the Buff State clops to throw the UB CLEAR camera out of the hall, but she  wisely reconsidered.

        You IOGA guys need to talk to each other a little more, unless you’re just trying to muddy the water (Foghorn T. Leghorn: “That’s a joke, I say that’s a fracking joke, son!”).