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YAK Car Pic of the Day

’55 Studebaker President, Lakeview, N.Y.

The day I spotted this For Sale 1955 Studebaker President on the side of a Lakeview road, I immediately pulled over to have a look (if you look closely you can spot the YAKmobile in the background). The owner wasn’t at home, but a friendly neighbor came out and told he he thought the guy was asking $3,600 for it. He bought it in California and had it shipped here (at a cost of $1,800) and some other guy in California recently offered him $1,800 for the car, but didn’t want to pay to have it shipped. I was thinking to myself, “I hope not. If the guy’s giving the car away, then just give it to me!” I’ve always thought these Studes looked on the smallish side in photos, but standing next to this (and here’s the official name, right out of the brochure) “President V-8 Deluxe Ultra Vista 4-Door Sedan for 6 Passengers” I saw what a large car is it really is. The ’55 Presidents also came in a two-door sedan (“State Coupe”), a nifty two-door “State Hard-top,” and the specially-equipped, top-of-the-line Speedster hardtop which was, as the name implies, pretty quick (not to mention chock-full of doo-dads).

roomy enough for ya?


from the Speedster brochure










— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know   

  • Jim_Holstun

    Jacob Loewy-designed? Here’s a TV commercial for the 54 coupe:

    • The original design for the 1953 Studes was penned by the design firm of Raymond Lowey. Although Lowey himself is often credited with the design, it was actually penned by Bob Bourke of the Lowey studio. Lowey talked Studebaker into using it. (This, according to the book “Studebaker, the Complete History,” by Patrick Foster.)
      I watched the youtube commercial. It didn’t even have the “professional driver” disclaimer at the bottom. Back then nobody cared if you tried to do everything you saw on TV!

  • MaxPlanck

    That’s a great ride for a mere $3,600. I’d touch up the paint and make it my daily driver – late spring/summer/early fall – of course!