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Tonight: Midsummer Night’s Draw at Hallwalls

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Tonight (Wednesday, July 25) at 7pm, Asbury Hall at Babeville hosts Hallwalls‘ twice annual live drawing event entitled “A Midsummer Night’s Draw,” in which a collection of artists are given uniformly sized canvases and have two-45 minute sessions to produce two pieces. Afterward, in a silent auction, audience members to bid to own these newly minted pieces; in commemoration of Hallwall’s 38th anniversary, the bids start at $38. Admission is $5 and will feature a cash bar and music by DJ Arson Daily. All proceeds benefit Hallwalls.

Many of the participating artists I spoke to preferred to concentrate on the concrete nature of their work. For instance, Scott Bye is hoping to produce a drawing of a gnome on stilts participating in a silly activity; Bruce Adams is hoping to produce drawings reminiscent of his previous vision, which was inspired by Learn to Draw by Jon Gnagy; and Esther Neisen is hoping to work within the vein of the theme of her previous work, which is to use insects to tell human and natural stories. She hopes to construct a drawing of a paper wasp hive but also may surprise the audience with a creation of a completely different nature.

Rita Argen Auerbach will be bringing her own preferred watercolor paper and painting in a wet-on-wet technique an interpretation of Buffalo’s landscape and architecture, using with a hair dryer to cure the colors in time for the auction.

Other artists that I interviewed preferred to concentrate on the conceptual nature of their work. Fontini Renzoni says, “I don’t want my drawings to demand tolerance or anything for that matter. I simply enjoy that the visitor sees beauty and something familiar in contemporary abstraction. That excites me…that humans can see.” Kyle Butler says, “I appreciate that some of the artists involved last time took advantage of the performative nature of the event, putting on an act while also making a drawing. I’m going to give that aspect more thought this time around.”

Mary Begley who will be working with pastels, says, “The theme will fit with my current body of work which includes unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial themes in an abstract forum. An entity surrounded by space is a universal theme and recognizable even when it is from ones subconscious. I get inspiration from my childhood and growing up on the edge of the Adirondack mountains and watching the stars in the pitch black of night. Some times you would see things move and create stories of Alien visitations. Were they just the musings of a child or were they real? One will never know.”

mark abell

  • I wonder if Hallwalls co- founder Cindy Sherman will be there. She was featured in a This American Life piece a couple weekends ago.