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Coming Soon: Buffalo BikeShare

Todd Salansky and Creighton Randall show off the new rides

Going with the idea of Buffalo CarShare—where drivers can reserve cars online and go pick them up at various places around town for short errands or trips—comes Buffalo BikeShare. The photo shows a couple of the sturdy, smooth-riding Social Bicycles that will be available toward the end of August/early September for anybody who wants to buzz around.

When it’s fully up and running, the website will allow users to see where available bikes are locked around town. Then, you just reserve a bike, go get it, and cruise. While you’re riding it, the GPS is disabled. When you’re done, you lock it up, and another user will be able to locate it via the website.

Ideal, let’s say, for when you don’t want to lug your mountain bike down three flights of stairs to ride to the store for a carton of milk. Or, maybe you just want to ride on a bike that’s nicer than your old beater. They really handle well. Three speeds, cool drum brakes. Solid.

Look for them right about the time this hot, sticky weather gives way to those beautiful late-summer/early fall days, when riding around our picturesque city is arguably most pleasant.