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Yes at Artpark

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Yes is a band that needs no introduction. Four decades. Twenty-one studio albums. The bass part of “Roundabout.”  These are the guys who managed to make 20-minute progressive rock epics radio friendly and invented the fine art of the trippy album cover (well, okay, Roger Dean did that, but still). Yes, the lineup’s changed, again—the current iteration consists of Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Alan White, Geoff Downes, and Jon Davison—but don’t let the lack of Jon Anderson dissuade you. Get up, get down, and see these titans of prog rock when they play close by a river, not in but around a lake at Artpark on Tuesday night (July 17). Accompanying the venerated quintet will be another set of the prog pioneers, Procol Harum, an Essex sextet whose 45 years of reputation precede them. Fans of unusual time signatures and the Hammond organ may never witness an opportunity like this again, and all for what it might’ve cost you to see it in 1969. -edward a. benoit

Tues. 17. Yes w/ Special Guests Procol Harum. 6:30pm Artpark. (754-4375/ $5 before 7/15, $10 afterward.

  • Jim_Holstun

    In the early to mid-seventies, when they began to hear the Ramones and the New York Dolls and Graham Parker and Elvis Costello and even Slade, a lot of rockers took the nooses off their necks and climbed down from the chairs. To understand why they climbed up in the chairs in the first place, listen to Yes. Really, you can’t get any further from rock’n’roll than this.

    •  Slade? What are you, an unwitting victim of a failed government drug experiment? And Yes was not Rock and Roll. Anymore than Emerson, Lake and Palmer was.

    • JHBurnette

       Progressive rock from the 70’s, Professor.  It’s an acquired taste.
      Yeah, Chris Squire looks like he ate Steve Howe, but they all had mean technical ability.

      I hope Robin Trower’s going to be there, too.  He’s England’s answer to Hendrix.

    •  Rick. Wakeman. AND Bill. Bruford. Guess Ol’ Steve cobbles together what he can and calls it Yes. I saw the Close to the Edge Tour in ’74. This incarnation is a bit lacking. No doubt good, but still lacking.

  • Eric_BP

    The lack of Ian Anderson would not be unusual, as he was the front man for Jethro Tull.  The lack of Jon Anderson would be another matter.

    • George_Jefferson

      Yes isn’t Yes without Jon Anderson. What a distinct voice.

  • George_Jefferson

    I got “90125” on cassette for Xmas when I was 10. Still love that album. I know their 70s fans loathe it.