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YAK Car Pic of the Day

’57 Chevy sedan delivery, Grand Island, N.Y.

When this 1957 Chevy sedan delivery was new, it was marketed as a truck, even though it’s nothing more than a two-door station wagon with metal panels where the rear side glass should be, and no back seat. Used mostly by florists, small grocery stores, and other businesses who needed a delivery vehicle but didn’t really need a truck, it was a popular body style until vehicles like the Ford Econoline and other small vans hit the market. They were more practical and priced right, so the last Chevy sedan delivery was produced for the 1960 model year. Ford continued on a little longer, switching to the smaller, compact Falcon body style until 1965. A revival of sorts took place in the ’70s with the Chevy Vega and Ford Pinto both offering panel wagons, but that didn’t last very long. This red Chevy was spotted in a Grand Island parking lot.

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

  • Max Planck

    That ’57 was truly an example of a superb job in making a utilitarian, workaday, ‘git r done’ machine  a thing of beauty.