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Summer Movie Bomb: Truthland

Just so you don’t get caught flat-footed this summer, when you’re standing around the grill and some idiot starts telling you about this provocative new “documentary” that aims to refute the movie Gaslandclick here to read how handily Chip Northrup disembowels the new film entitled Truthland.

The thing has a 2012 copyright notice from a group called Energy in Depth, for crying out loud.

  • Oh, must has that bullshit graphic! 

  • Jesse Griffis

    I always like that the “anti gas” crowd is always noble, above-board, never lies about anything, never dissembles.

    At this point, a pox on both your houses. And drill for more nat gas so my heating bill is cheaper, kthxbai.

  • Little Sis has more about the makers of “Truthland.”

  • Truthland is an infomercial produced by an ad agency for an gas industry front group . . .surprise 

  • Truthland is far more believable than James Northrup!Hows all those oil wells doing that you supposedly own in Tx when the Texas Railroad Commission (that handles Oil and Gas) has no record of you James?…James “Chip” Northrup’s background includes experience as an independent oil and gas producer in Texas and New Mexico, plus owning drilling rigs in the US, west Africa, Brazil and the South China Sea.He speaks bluntly on the explosive power of hydraulic fracturing:Susan Rhyne show details Jan 11 (2 days ago)Mr. Whyde, The Railroad Commission only has records of individuals as controlling officers of organizations conducting oil and gas operations in Texas that are regulated by the Commission.  James L. Northrup and/or Nancy Northrup are not listed as controlling officers for any past or present organizations conducting oil and gas activities that the Commission regulates.  Therefore, we have no records to provide to you as a public records request.  In addition, the link that you provided seems to indicate that James L. Northrup and Nancy Northrup are affiliated with Newport Energy Inc. located in Dallas, Texas.   There is no active operator in Texas named Newport Energy, and the inactive company was located in Bellaire, Texas.  The officers listed for that company were David and Penny Millican.  That company has been inactive as an oil and gas operator since 1988. Regards,Susan Rhyn

  • This
    documentary put out by Chesapeake Energy and Energy in Depth could very well be
    a pie in the face to the gas industry.

    The Manning
    family, of Franklin Forks, PA, which was featured in my Marcellus Shale Reality Tour Part 5 video is suing WPX Energy for methane contamination. It’s the
    same gas well on the property that is owned by the woman Shelly Depue, starring
    as a house wife/mother in their video.

    In Truthland, a
    mother concerned about gas drilling on her property goes out on an adventure in
    search of the truth about gas drilling and comes back home with a rosy picture
    of safe, reliable natural gas.

    Since filming, the woman’s well was
    cited by DEP
    inspectors last year for improper casing , the cement-encased sleeves that
    protect well bore from the earth’s surface. WPX, the driller of the Depue wells,
    is being sued by a nearby family over methane

    entry in the DEP’s violation database includes comments from an inspector, who
    noted that the WPX well “bubbling was observed in the cellar of the well.” “The
    bubbling identified was determined (sic) to be between 13 3/8″ x 9 5/8″
    annulus,” the entry notes. “Violation cited = Defective casing/cement
    job on intermediate casing
    string.” One of the highlights of the Truthland video is the scene where they
    put explosives in a well casing to show how sturdy it