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Meet Timothy Considine—Quasi-SUNY Shamstitute Frackademic

Nancy Zimpher with University of Cincinnati Bearcat

The Public Accountability Initiative (PAI) has posted a nice profile of corporate gas shill Timothy Considine, co-author of the nonsense study produced by UB’s Shale Resources and Society Institute. Click here to read it.

Incredibly, SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher has called on UB to “counter” criticism of the laughable report. Condemning it as shoddy research is apparently not an option.

Nice stance, Nancy. Spoken like a true salesperson—er, I mean leader.

  • Jim_Holstun

    With regard to the basic errors in junior high arithmetic in the Shale Institute’s report, which gut its basic claims, Professor Considine said in an interview with the redoubtable Laura Ingraham that there are some “typos” in the report that the University at Buffalo is going to correct. But UB Dean E. Bruce Pitman says that the report author (i.e., Professor) is going to correct the “typos.” Jesus, but it takes a along time to correct some typos. Somebody sounds a little deseparate, I mean “desperate” (see, ten seconds, tops!).

  • JHBurnette

    Professor Jim:  The word you want is “disparate”.