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YAK Car Pic of the Day

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'51 Ford Vedette, from "Rififi"

Watching the 1955 French movie “Rififi” the other night, and coming right at us on the screen was this 1951 Ford Vedette. I was hoping to see more odd French cars like this one (The Missus, on the other hand, seemed more interested in the plotline. Strange.) but was disappointed to see the bad guys driving Buicks and dime-a-dozen Citroëns. This Vedette, if you can’t tell by looking at it, was designed in Detroit. It was one of the last French Fords, before Ford sold that part of their business to Simca.

from the Dutch brochure

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

  • Max Planck

    Great find, Jim. I wouldn’t have been following the plot either, after spying this gem. I never knew there was such a machine as the ‘French Ford’ that eventually became part of Simca. Wonder if it had une plate [a flathead.]

    I was at a car show and once saw a mid 50’s French sportscar, ‘The Comete’ which the owner proudly touted its Ford running gear…which was a flathead V-8. It must have shared the same auto DNA.

    • The Vedette was powered by a 2158 cc French-built flathead V-8.