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UB Shale Institute in the News Over the Weekend

Late last week, the UB Shale Resources and Society Institute (SRSI) took its website down to do some tweaking after it came under criticism from a number of directions. Late in the day Friday, the amended site went back up, though it now claims to be “under construction” (or “under reconstruction,” as the case may be). You can compare the amended pages with those saved by the Public Accountability Initiative (PAI), here.

Also last Friday—after an AP story was published in papers around the country raising grave concerns about the funding for, and gas industry ties to the SRSI—the UB Reporter issued this prepared statement from E. Bruce Pittman, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Dutifully, the Buffalo News summarized that statement. But you’ll notice that comments aren’t allowed on the story if you read it on the News website.

No such gag order here at Artvoice. If you have any thoughts on the whole mess, feel free to share, below.

  • It is truly sad to see a proud and noble public education endeavor such as SUNY reduced to a money grubbing bastion of shills and whores.       This activity cheapens the degrees of all those alumni who have received their education there and robs current and future students of a proud legacy.      An institution intended to assist and uplift the people of New York now makes war on them at the behest of robber barons and bankers. 

  • Shale Shamstitute RIP – frackers got what they paid for – one warmed over “study” 

  • I am a UB alum who receives professional notices from my school there. About two weeks ago, my email and snailmail started to get spammed with “marketing opportunities” to advertise my professional business in the New Student Orientation Guide to their newly minted captive audience of potential suckas. For several thousand dollars, I could secure a preferred place on a back cover or next to the fall calendar. Gold, silver and bronze levels were also available.  All of these have gone to the spam filter, along with the reputation of this once-proud alma mater.