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Wheels in the Grass

'76 Chevy Monza Town Coupe, Tonawanda, N.Y.

Yesterday we featured an old Vega ad, and alluded to the thinly-veiled car which eventually replaced it in Chevy’s lineup — and here’s one now. It’s the 1976 Chevy Monza (seen recently in Tonawanda), which I think was a much better-looking car than the Vega, at least in this body style. You can really see the similarity between the Vega and the Monza when you look at the Vega Cabriolet which Chevy also offered in 1976 (an odd name as a cabriolet by definition is a car with a roof that folds down). I never cared much for the 2+2 hatchback, as I thought it looked too much like a Hot Wheels car. They also were rather cramped in the back seat due to that sloping roof. A guy I worked with bought a 2+2 when they offered a V-8, which was pretty quick, but the engine bay was so tight it was nearly impossible to change the two rearmost spark plugs. The Monza Town Coupe debuted in 1975, and usually outsold the 2+2. In 1976 it carried a sticker price of $3,359 and Chevy produced 46,375 of them. And I don’t imagine there are very many of them still around. 

Town Coupe brochure art


Vega Cabriolet (Huh?)















— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know