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Romney v. Ledbetter

From a Romney campaign conference call a few weeks ago

The Lilly Ledbetter Act was the first bill President Obama signed into law in 2009. It legislatively reversed a Supreme Court decision, to make it easier for women to sue an employer when pay discrimination is suspected. While Romney eventually said he wouldn’t repeal it, he also won’t say whether he’d have signed the act.  

It sometimes seems as if the Romney campaign is unprepared to be distracted from its reactionary “tax breaks for millionaires”-heavy “platform”. 

  • The Ledbetter Act was and is wrong.  Taxing millionaires more will fund government for 11 hours.  The problem is spending.

    • Dietrich Von Bacon

       Would be more relevant if you knew what the act WAS.

      •  The Act gives employees carte blanche, with virtually no time limit, to sue for wage discrimination.  Previously, employees had 180 days, from the date of agreement/acceptance of a wage, to sue.  Now the time period is 180 days from the issuance of the last paycheck.  In essence, the Act is a violation of a private contract between employers and employees.  Of course, anyone subscribing to the Marxist Labor Theory of Value would support this Act.

      • Alan Bedenko

        No, it isn’t. It’s a procedural change to the statute of limitations to allow women to assert their constitutional right not to be discriminated against based on gender. To normal people, it’s as controversial as bicycle emissions.