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Are You Fracking Stupid?

Lately a lot of Doctors have been warning The People of New York State about the terrible effects of hydraulic fracture mining, known as Fracking.  A short list would include the Medical Society of the State of New York, the New York State Nurses Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics of New York State and the New York State Academy of Family Physicians.
Fracking is the process of using water at very high pressures underground to cause shale formations to collapse and force out the gas that was between them.  And unbelievably to some people’s surprise; earthquakes sometimes happen! Who would have guessed?
The earthquakes caused by fracking in Ohio were felt in New York.  The earthquakes caused by fracking in Oklahoma were felt in Illinois.  And there are people who want to promote this in the southern tier. They are known as “Fracking Idiots.”
If you’ll look up the definition of Idiot you will read  1. [as a noun] an utterly foolish or senseless person. and 2. Psychology – a person of the lowest order in a former and discarded classification of mental retardation, having a mental age of less than three years old and an intelligence quotient under 25. Thus the title “Fracking Idiot.”
And the best part of fracking is what’s in the water. They add just about every Cancer Causing Agent known to man into the water that is used and then tell you the water is over 99% clean and free of contaminants.  Which is true, but that’s like having your waiter say; “Your glass of water is 99.999% clean and delicious but just before giving it to you I added about 10 drops of arsenic.
You have to ask yourself; “Sould I eat produce from a farm that has a fracking well on its property?” Or more importantly; “Would I like to feed food from that farm to my children or my parents?”
No one believes the earlier untruths (Lies) about fracking. It won’t lower gas prices. The United States is producing more gas than it ever has in its history and gas consumption is at an all time low.  Has the price of gas gone down? If you said yes, you’re fracking stupid. 
And don’t go buying a hard-hat and expect to get a job.  It doesn’t create jobs. It raises your taxes. The frackers would come from other sites to destroy our southern tier.  The only exception for job creation would be Roswell Park of course, because they will have so many more patients from this area.
Hydrofracking doesn’t create jobs, it won’t lower gas prices, but it will cause massive pollution and earthquakes. New York State is thinking about allowing it even though it has been an  absolute catastrophe in other States. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is going to come to a decision this year after many months of study. An adult should be able to make that decision in less than 30 minutes, it is not rocket science.
If you hear someone promoting fracking you should stop and ask yourself; “Is this guy Fracking Stupid or am I talking to a Fracking Idiot?” There is a difference. If he’s polishing the new hard-hat he just bought at Sears, you’ll know he’s just Fracking Stupid. But if he knowingly is willing to do harm to everyone around here in order to make a couple of dollars; you’ll know he’s a Fracking Idiot.”

  • Jesse Griffis

    About the most childish, worst-written screed against hydrofracking I’ve read thus far.

    From the use of Milne-style capital letters on supposedly Important Terms, to scary exaggeration of negative effects to complete ignorance of either chemistry or the positive economic benefits of this industry, this guy’s obviously Just Another Activist.

    Please John, stay in school.

  • Medical organizations have been properly cautious about the potential, but admittedly unknown, effects of this process on public health. There are, however, few if any credible studies that clearly link fracturing to adverse health conditions. The NYS Wokers Compensatopn Board researched all states that currently permit fracturing to ascertain how many workers comp claims had been generated involving exposure to toxic chemicals or work place accidents associated with the process. They found no such cases.

    Although we need to proceed cautiosly with this process, we must do so with the objectivity that such a complex policy issue warrants. The governors of Louisiana and Texas have characterized the experience of their states with fracturing as very positive in terms of job creation and economic development. They have also claimed that there have not been any serious environmental or public health consequences.

    The positive potential for job creation and economic development of fracturing is as real as the potential for adverse health and environmental impacts. Ultimately, NYS policy will have to balance these competing considerations and formulate a process that would assure public and environmental safety either by precluding fracturing altogether or by closely regulating and monitoring it.

    Some form of test well program should be considered whereby a company seeking a permit to drill using fracturing would have to submit its process and chemical formulary to a test using a well or wells developed by NYS and monitored by appropriate State experts to ascertain whether any toxic materials were generated by the process and formula and whether those materials were produced in quantities that posed a threat to public health or the environment. The test would also determine whether the well itself was safe in terms of depth, design, materials, etc.

    This will be an important area for policy in energy, economic development, environmental protection and public health. We do not have sufficient information now to either prohibit fracturing altogether or to proceed with minimal sageguards in place. We need credible information to make a responsible choice and, hopefully, will benefit from reasoned and informed discusion.

  • Most of this article is based on misinformation. Please check your facts before reporting something as, well, fact.

  • Shermanater

    Then here are some facts for you:
    The Ecology & Environment report (funded by the industry), states that transients will do the work for the first 10 years.  The same report states that they will drop 3/4 of the gas wells in the first 10 years.  That means Texans will do the work.

    Here is a link to the industries own web site ADMITTING contamination to the public drinking water supply in Pennsylvania

    Here is the link for earthquakes

    If you can read, please read Chapter 5 of the SGEIS, note the Chromium 6 not reported going in but found in the flowback by the DEC.  Also note the 20 components they are unable to identify.

    And here is a personal favorite:

    There is so much industry spin, you can’t possibly believe them.  If you do, I have some leftover Enron stock I could sell you at half it’s original price.