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Newt Gingrich to be Paladino’s Guest on Friday

Still Mad as Hell? Here’s just the thing for you…

Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich will join Carl Paladino at a rally this Friday (4/20) from 12:15pm-1pm at the Ellicott Square Building.

From the press release:

Help us send a clear message to the Republican Establishment that financing Mitt Romney’s negative advertising campaign against Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum is unacceptable to the Republican rank and file whose desire is to nominate the best candidate to face down the evil that permeates Washington today.  The attempt to shove Mitt Romney’s candidacy down the throats of the people is abhorrent.
Speech to Tea Party Tax Day Rally in Watkins Glen, New York on 4/15/12
By Carl Paladino
Our efforts to change the performance of our elected officials and reestablish a government responsive to the people have only just begun.
After British troops won the bloody battle of Tobruck in World War II, Winston Churchill, recognizing that the effort to defeat the Nazi onslaught had only just begun and there would be much more fighting in the future, told the troops “it is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but perhaps it is the end of the beginning.
Patrick Henry said “the Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the Government, least it come to dominate our lives and interests.”
Today I intend to discuss a matter that I believe is an affront to the values upon which our country was born and has functioned over the centuries.
Mitt Romney and the Republican establishment have overtly bought the Republican nomination for President.
Of course the disingenuous 21st century liberal press would further that effort.
They want the Republican Party to put up the least formidable candidate against Obama.
The collectively disengaged, shallow and trusting electorate was brainwashed that Romney was winning.
They’ve been conditioned to sound bites and a desire to always be on the winning side.
They seek to avoid pain and painful decisions.
They fear adversity.
The Republican establishment and party bosses financed a blistering negative advertising campaign designed to destroy the credentials of Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum with caustic lies, exaggeration, fabrication and innuendo.
Nationally the republican rank and file was conditioned to believe that the process was legitimate and would lead to the nomination of the best candidate to confront Obama and challenge the status quo.
Newt Gingrich has the intellect, the ability to debate, the institutional knowledge and clear ability.  He knows Washington.  He moved up in congress to be the speaker of the house and maintained a balanced budget for 4 years.
In the 2010 New York gubernatorial republican primary the rank and file cast aside the candidate of the Party bosses and nominated me, a candidate for change.
They were mad as hell and wanted change.
We are still mad as hell and want change.
Yes I lost the final election in a very blue state.
I’m a mere mortal.
But don’t doubt for a second that the resolve of the republican base remains unfettered today.
We don’t fear pain because we know that without it we won’t be able to change.
We no longer wish to be led by the same old pretenders and dynasties
on whose watch our nation and New York State have failed so badly.
That leadership has allowed a terrible evil determined to break the spirit of America and lead us into socialism.
The tea party is not a part of the Republican Party.  We are the republican party.
The party bosses and establishment just haven’t yet figured out that they are irrelevant nor do they desire to give up the power without a bloody fight.
By uniting and voting for Newt Gingrich in the presidential primary on April 24, New York and letting him carry our delegates to the republican convention, rank and file republican voters will again illustrate to the party bosses and the establishment that:
They have made bad choices,
Elections should not be bought,
The status quo and Obamaism are unacceptable, and
The resolve of the people to reform the New York State Republican Party is unfettered.

  • I love how North Korean that portrait looks. 

  • Max Planck

    Thanks for letting me know; I would have been devastated if I’d not got this booked on my calendar. The delirium should be evident at Ellicott Square Friday matched only by the shortage of oxygen that’s been consumed by these two egomaniacs. 

  • #Gingrich isn’t even a viable candidate  at this point, why is Paladino wasting time with the windbag?

  • mikest18

    Great maybe they will talk about their  many affairs over the years……..

  • HystErica

    What happened to Carl staying out of politics after he lost? I was looking forward to that…

  • Mike, do you really care about the affairs?  As if that is  something that certain people are proud of.  Get over it.  Why do people keep hitting the same nail over the head (no pun intended).  

    Christopher, yes Gingrich is a viable candidate.  He is still in the race.  He is not a windbag.  You know what, it must make you feel so great to insult people doesn’t it?  Why do you feel this way about him?  I’m curious why you would say something so lame like that.  He is not wasting his time discussing Gingrich.  This is exactly the point, those who don’t want Obama or Romney, don’t  have to be stuck with either one of them.  If either one of  them make it, I think we will all be sorry.  But who cares, right?  That name you called Gingrich was totally uncalled for.  How immature are you anyway?  

  • Be With Newt is my new song on iTunes as a song and Ringtones, Amazon as a song and You Tube… Enjoy…