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Former Thompson Staffer: Antoine Should Run Again

Antoine Thompson at the March 28 rally for Trayvon Martin in Niagara Square.

Last Friday evening and again on Monday afternoon, WGRZ-TV  raised the possibility of former State Senator Antoine Thompson challenging incumbent State Senator Tim Kennedy. Channel 2 also brought up some of Thompson’s more damaging misadventures, including this one: Two years ago State Senator Mark Grisanti’s campaign, helped by the news media, took Thompson to task when he and his chief of staff—Mark Boyd, who made $86,000 per year—took a week off while the legislature was in session to spend time in Jamaica.

We asked a Democratic political operative who worked on the successful campaigns of both Thompson and Grisanti what he thought of Thompson’s prospects. We were surprised by his response.

John Duke, of the First Amendment Club, thinks people should look at what Thompson has been doing during his time off. “Thompson has been engaged in real estate business and is the publisher of a top-shelf, high-quality weekly newspaper, Black WNY,” Duke said. ” Thompson belongs in government and that voters will see it that way. No one should have a problem going into the voting booth a pulling the lever for Thompson because of what some one else may or may not have done.”

  • RoccoPolino

    Tim Kennedy is bring change to Albany?  Maybe quarters for the parking meters at most… 

  • slimman

    why this hack again ? what fresh ideas will he bring to a city in a state of terminal decline ? Where is a Michael Bloomberg for Buffalsow ? 

  • Maybe the media made Thompson appear as a hack but he was the author of the ban on hydrofracking. Now the hydrofracking ban is in danger.

  • Paying your Chief of Staff $86,000 is certainly a scandal in itself but leaving the office for a week during a senate session for anything other than an illness is just plain stupid and I think Tim Kennedy learned from it. Kennedy pays his Chief of Staff less than $70,000 and his CoS isn’t dumb enough to leave the office for a week. After watching what the media rightfully did to Thompson, Kennedy would have to be an imbecile to do the same thing. Luckily Kennedy is not. 

  • Lisa King

    Please stop believing every lie the media puts out!   Senator Thompson missed ONE session day when he went to Jamaica and the senate ended up cancelling session that day because of bad weather.  People should do their homework before reinforcing these lies.  It’s all public record!