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Best of Buffalo 2012 – Time is Running Out!

OK folks, the time for procrastination is over – it’s almost down to the wire. Our Best of Buffalo Polls close at the strike of midnight, at the end of the day Monday, April 16th. You’ve got this weekend, and Monday to finish your ballots.

If you haven’t signed up yet – it’s easy. Visit, give us your name and an e-mail address to deliver your ballot code to, and we’ll send you a unique ballot code and the rest of the details.

In order for a ballot to count, you must give your opinion on at least 20 categories. There’s over 150 to choose from, so it isn’t as hard as it sounds, and it only takes a few minutes.

Give us your opinion on everything from your favorite places to shop, eat, and party – to the best in arts, culture, music, places and politics in Buffalo. There’s an optional bonus essay question too – tell us what YOU would do if YOU were mayor of our city. We’ll be publishing the best responses here.

Save your work as you go, and as long as you’ve responded to at least 20 categories, your ballot is counted when the deadline strikes; there’s no further step to submit or finalize your responses. We’re sending out some e-mail reminders to those of you who have started a ballot earlier in the polling, and haven’t finished it yet – so if you’ve forgotten or misplaced your ballot code, it’s probably arriving in your inbox now. If you’re having issues getting to your ballot, send me an e-mail ( and let me know what’s up.

We’re on a pace similar to last year’s in collecting ballots, which marked our all time record in responses. But that isn’t good enough, we want to beat last year’s response. Help push us over the top and have your opinions heard. If you haven’t started yet – get over to and get started now!

  • Is there a reason that Artvoice is not covering the Hard Rock Rising contest, when every other local media outlet has? 

    • Gian Misso

      Yeah, because it’s not local. The Hard Rock Cafe is a chain, mang. Probably one of the most white  money grabbers of them all. Y’all gotta start covering how the burmese and ethiopians and CHANGING THE RESTURANT/LIFESTYLE GAME  IN BUFFALO. I am all about changing the word nigga to the word king, and this king outta Burma straight up collected bottles for four years while working under the table for under minimum wage ($6.50) as a dish washer for this white peasant piece of shiesse. Now he has one of the most sucessful and clean fish markets in Buffalo. That’s a story you should cover!! Fuck Robert! Fuck the Hard Cock Rising contest! Fuck the fact that news weekly ranked buffalo the 3rd most segregated/racist cities in America(#1Detroit #2Long Island) I am amazed at our world today on how we can have racism when we call ourselves the human race. Wouldn’t that mean we should only hate and fear other races of life like animals and aliens? What do you think, Robert? I love you and I am only coming off as a hater or negative because I have problems and reflecting those problems onto you. Rember that when anyone gives you poor attidue or says anything remotely hateful/disrespectful.  You are ma nigga, I mean king.  Peace be with you.