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Wheels in the Grass

'68 Dodge Polara, Allegany, N.Y.

Sometimes you have to go looking behind the buildings to find cars like this 1968 Dodge Polara, which was trying to hide in the Village of Allegany. This is from what I like to call Chrysler’s “awkward styling” years for their full-sized Dodges and Plymouths. They always looked to me like to losers in a design school competition; didn’t look great when new, and aging hasn’t helped. This one has yellow high-beams — maybe spent a little time in Paris? The Polara was at the bottom of the big Dodge lineup in ’68, followed by the Polara 500, Monaco, and the top-line Monaco 500, which merely got more garish as you went. You could have bought this Polara new for around $3,100. Or, if this wasn’t bad enough, you could have gone all the way for a Monaco 500 2-door hardtop for $3,869. But, why would you?

Monaco 500

Polara 500

Polara four-door hardtop

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

  • 104josephcoppola

    Look at the size of the trunk lid. A whole  acre of steel.

  • Max Planck

    A friend had a Chrysler Newport of the same vintage. A lumbering hulk-box of a car that seemed to owe its existence to the good deals on sheet metal that Chrysler’s procurement department got from their steel suppliers.