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YAK Car Pic of the Day

Unimog 406, Wales, N.Y.

I used to drive by this Unimog 406 a couple of times a week as I passed through the Town of Wales. These huge, go-anywhere vehicles are produced by Mercedes-Benz, and are usually found in service by the military, or where the terrain is very rugged such as mountains, deserts, and jungles… or, on the farm where I spotted this week’s feature truck. The 406 went into production in 1963 with the last ones being made in 1988. The City of Buffalo bought some of these after the Blizzard of ’77, but if my memory serves me correctly, they weren’t easily maneuvered through many of its narrow streets when they were clogged with stuck/abandoned cars, and were sold off some years later. Unimog is an acronym for UNIversal-MOtor-Gerät, with “Gerät” being the German word for machine, or device. I’ll bet Jay Leno owns at least one; maybe Schwarzenegger, too. I actually own a 406. Okay, it’s part of my Matchbox collection, but I own it! Read up on the current Unimogs here.

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

(answer to yesterday’s “guess this car:” 1972 Volkswagen K70. This car was originally designed by NSU to be sold in its dealerships alongside the Wankel-powered Ro80. By the time the K70 was ready for production, the Ro80 proved to be a quality and sales disaster, and NSU had been taken over by VW, which at the time was searching for the eventual Beetle replacement. The K70 turned out not to be it, and it never even made it to North America)

1972 VW K70