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SUNY Inks $22M Deal to Buy Hydrofracked Gas

Click here to read how Business First reported the $22 million deal the State University of New York signed with Williamsville-based EnergyMark LLC to buy natural gas for five campuses over two years. The gas will be piped in to SUNY at Buffalo, Buffalo State College, Fredonia State College, Alfred State, and the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University.

According to the press release, this local gas supply “will be transported by pipelines direct from shallow vertical wells in New York and Marcellus Shale—horizontal wells in Pennsylvania.”

According to EnergyMark Vice President Tim Wright, that means the gas from Pennsylvania is extracted using the controversial hydrofracture method.

“A big source of that now is gas that has been recovered through a fracking technique. What we don’t want to put in the press release—and we talked to SUNY about this—is that this is specifically gas from a fracked well. SUNY said they were fine with a press release as long as we didn’t emphasize any fracking. And I think that’s because of the political nature of fracking versus the physical nature of the supply source. And frankly, there’s no way we can tell once the gas is put into a pipeline system,” Wright said.

The SUNY press office has not returned calls asking why they wanted their vendor not to mention fracking in the press release.

Click here to read the EnergyMark press release.

In other fracking news, click here to read about the emergency responders coming from three counties to an explosion at a Pennsylvania natural gas compressor station today.



  • Charley_Tarr


    Senator Mark Grisanti,


    It was my sincere honor to have spoken with you days prior
    to your election on the subject of hydro fracture.  I have always shared very publicly that you
    have never wavered in your considerations and representations from the moment
    of that conversation.  At times, I have
    even offended my brothers and sisters in the environmental movement as I have
    endlessly demanded fair and honest writing and representations from them.


    It was my sincere honor to have federally delivered Buck
    Quigley’s outstanding work alongside my own observations and concerns in
    relation to the original (and horrendous) PHEEIA Drafts of UB2020.  Again, this was a moment in which you rose
    and delivered strong bi-partisan leadership with sane compromise.


    I was my sincere honor to have delivered Chip Northrup and
    Helen Slottje to meet with you on the topic of Home Rule, many weeks before the
    historic court decisions were reached in Dryden and Middlefield.  I remain with a revised copy of Senator
    Seward’s Bill….changes that return
    the legislation to the original intention of simple clarity. 


    It was my sincere honor to have forwarded a full copy of the
    Hydro Fracture Health Impact Assessment, my friend Dr. Larysa Dyrszka, a
    contributing author and the coordinator of the effort.  I am concerned to know if you read it….particularly
    as Governor Cuomo and the Republican Senate failed to fund it in the budget.


    Isn’t it fantastic how Environment and Education
    and Health and Ethics and Honor are all so deeply
    intertwined?  They are palpable, breathable with all the sensory potency
    of the delicious air in Chuck Falletta’s kitchen on a busy afternoon of dinner


    Here’s the damnedest thing and the reason that I hope you
    read Larysa’s fine work.  I do not
    believe that we would have worked so hard on SUNY in the last two years to
    allow some jackass to consign the students to concentrated radiological
    exposure.  Speaking of kitchens, here’s a
    recipe for you…


    1 Becquerel= 27.027 Picocuries   (RADIATION)


    That’s Becquerel-not-Bechemel
    (years ago, Chuck taught me to pull a perfect


    Start with Dr. Marvin
    Resnikoff, Ph.D., Radioactive Waste Management Associates, September 2011.  Let me help with the Abstract…Our friend Marvin
    demonstrates that the radiation arrives right in the pipe…cook your Carbonara, cook
    your lungs.  The closer you are to well source
    in PA, the worse it gets.

     IAEA overview 


    on radiation in the oil and gas industry; p
    64-info on waste management p 67 recommended
    regulatory approach p 78
    waste management facilitiesp92


    How about an ICRP NORM management strategy?


    Just for fun, this is what Norway
    is doing  


    Mark, I remember a Saturday morning 2-years ago that you
    honored me with an 8:00 AM return phone
    call to my home.  It was clear that you
    had awoken that morning with determination and devotion toward becoming a New
    York State Senator.  On the occasion that
    you remain with that devotion and you are committed to winning the next
    election, I hope that you will phone me again. 
    The man who leads New York State
    above and away from this insanity is the man with a genuine bid for the White
    House.   Evil is all that will succeed in the presence
    of your silence.

  • Charley_Tarr

    For the record, I sought the assistance of the moderator when my ‘comment’ uploaded as a mess of  carriage returns…..All of the content is my own.

    My environmental colleagues should be extremely proud of the wisdom, devotion, integrity and honesty that they have patiently  brought to nearly 3-years of the hydro fracture debate in Pennsylvania and New York. 

    Absolute in juxtaposition, Industry has continually and perpetually either lied or skewed the foundations of conversations with creative semantics.

    I greatly admire Mark Grisanti as a person.  I believe he has demonstrated an astounding potential for future leadership on past occasions.  I am saddened, concerned that influences surrounding the ‘Office’ of  Mark Grisanti are desiring for hydro fracture to succeed and for our intoxicated dependency on fossil fuels to continue indefinitely. 

    I predict that the ‘Race- for-the-60th’ will be a single-issue event.

    I am indelibly certain that Senator Grisanti’s opportunities to demonstrate leadership on this issue-of-the-decade are quickly evaporating.  Make no mistake that the clock has been running on the failure of the Chair of the Senate Environmental Committee to rise and act in a manner beyond silent contemplation and complacency.