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Waterfront Development: Nothing’s Easy

Here’s a photo of a billboard located next to the old NanoDynamics building off Fuhrmann Boulevard. The heavily subsidized business went belly-up, but that doesn’t mean a new entrepreneur couldn’t be successful in that location, right?

The Niagara Frontier Transit Authority (NFTA) even advertises this handy contact number (855-7413) if you’re interested in leasing some space. Feeling ambitious, in a job-creator kind of way, I figured I’d give them a buzz to see what kind of rent I’d be paying.

Unfortunately, extension 7413 has not been activated. You can, however, press “0” to talk to an operator. Or, maybe not. When I did that, the phone just rang off the hook. Click here to listen.

So how’s a bigwig like myself supposed to set up shop on the waterfront? 


  • Any good content would be appreciated

    Maybe they knew it was you calling.

  • Just to be clear, NanoDynamics was not heavily subsidized. In fact, it wasn’t subsidized at all. Over $60 MM of private investor capital came into the region to pay wages and salaries of over 140 employees at the peak and funded the development of cutting edge products and technologies – many of which were eventually sold or licensed to companies in WNY and others which resulted in new start-ups. When the company closed, it was investors, not taxpayers, who paid the price. That is the nature of high technology start-ups and we should be doing more to encourage that kind of risk taking if we want to see an economic resurgence in our lifetime.