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Wheels in the Grass

'70 Ford Torino, Sanborn, N.Y.

Seeing this 1970 Ford Torino four-door sedan at the far end of a Sanborn driveway sent me to the brochure archives when I got home. Didn’t see a lot of them even back when it was new, and they’re also as scarce (almost) as hen’s teeth in the literature of the era. Ford, and other manufacturers, were big on the hardtops, convertibles, and muscle cars at this point in time. This was also the final year we’d see the Fairlane nameplate — actually the Fairlane 500, which was attached to the bottom-line four-door sedan, hardtop coupe, and station wagon of the 1970 Torino line (halfway through the model year, or as Ford called it, 1970 1/2, those 500s gave way to the Falcon name, with the hardtop becoming a pillared coupe, and the traditional compact Falcons bowing out to the new Maverick). The ’70 Torino sedan, with a 250 CID six-cylinder and three-on-the-tree, had a starting price of $2,689 which was only $62 more than the Fairlane 500. Out of a total of 230,221 1970 Torinos, only about 55,000 were four-door sedans. This one looks like it was someone’s daily driver until not too long ago. You can view the whole brochure here.

Torino sedan brochure art

last of the Fairlanes

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

  • Gerry

    wow, that’s the exact car my dad had. same color, same style. His had the 300-something V8. 302, maybe? Was a courier-express company car, several of the display-advertising salesmen had them.

    • Jim Corbran

      My brother-in-law also worked at the Courier. I seem to remember his company car was a Gremlin. Whoo-hoo!

  • torinocraig

    I have just came across this same car but only with a factory 429 cobra jet. My question is how many do you think are left let alone with a factory 429.

    • Jim Corbran

      I’ll bet any old Ford with a factory 429 has led a hard-driven life!