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NFTA’s Hartmayer Responds

Filed under: Letters

NFTA spokesman C. Douglas Hartmayer sent this response to Aaron Lowinger’s article in this week’s print edition:

Please let me set the record straight…

Please know that our fare boxes accept tokens, pennies, nickels, dimes,
half-dollars, and gold dollars and yes quarters.  Inasmuch as they were
paid for with federal monies they cannot be replaced until they have
reached “their useful life” in accordance with federal guidelines.

We have started the process to purchase new fare boxes for our buses.  We
anticipate replacing the current model with modern machines that will allow
our customers the ability to pay their fare with smart cards, debt cards or
smart phones using the latest technology available and of course cash.

Once and for all we do not have 115 managers!  To go through our budget
book and say every person with the title senior is a manager is very
uninformed and misleading.

At the NFTA the term senior is a longstanding union negotiated job
description.  Yes, we have a senior groundskeeper, senior systems analyst,
senior stock clerk, senior administrative assistant, and a senior bus
shelter technician to mention some.  But not one has any managerial
responsibilities whatsoever.  As previously stated, we have 43 managers
with a total budget of $3.8 million.

Hopeful you will clarify your statements so your readers will have a better
understanding of the actual facts.

  • chester

    Another inaccuracy in Lowinger’s story is that Kevin Helfer hasn’t been the Executive Director of BCAR since mid-2010. Mayor Brown appointed him to the newly created position of Parking Commissioner, but BCAR is a separate entity and has a new ED.