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YAK Car Pic of the Day

'59 Ford Custom 300

It was almost 46 years ago, March 21, 1966 on the Andy Griffith Show, when the episode titled “The Foster Lady” first aired. Aunt Bee manages to get herself in a commercial for Foster’s Furniture Polish, and naturally things don’t go quite according to plan. And in the episode we get a glimpse of this 1959 Ford Custom 300 airport limousine. I never knew such a car existed until seeing this one. It’s thought to have been manufactured by Armbruster & Company of Fort Smith, Arkansas (read more about them here). The Custom 300 seems like a curious choice for a limo, as it sat at the bottom of the Ford line in ’59, but, there you have it. 

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

  • Joseph Coppola

    Whoa! WHAT A BOAT!

    • Jim Corbran

      Probably the biggest thing to hit Mayberry since… well, probably ever!

  • Richard

    Interntional used to make Airporter versions of the Travelall

    • Jim Corbran

      I like the lettering on the back of the Travelall limo in the linked photo: Get In, Sit Down, Shut Up, and Hang On!
      I think I rode in that guy’s Yellow Cab in Boston once!