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The First Amendment Club: A Warning Shot

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This week, our friends at the First Amendment Club—a group of activists with a base in Black Rock whose political affinities are difficult to label—published something of a warning to local politicians in this week’s Riverside Review. The Club has published a column regularly in the Review and in the Buffalo Rocket. Here’s this week’s piece, signed by the First Amendment Club’s John Duke:

Honesty: Still in Style

For a number of years the Riverside Review has printed articles from various writers at The First Amendment Club. The articles were usually about Consumer or Political Affairs that affected the Black Rock / Riverside Community. The articles exposed many of the horrific actions of local governments that hurt the average homeowner and their families. Do you recall American Water Services? They were the mismanagement company that wreaked havoc with family life – especially with the elderly. They controlled the City of Buffalo’s water supply. We called them the “Steal All That You Can” water company, a phrase first used by Joe Bortz in the Buffalo Rocket. The First Amendment Club took the Steal All That You Can water company to court 10 times and along with local media and the Common Council, removed them from the harm they were doing to us and our neighbors.

It’s not an easy business. Remember the police detective, Dennis Delano, who proved innocent people were in jail and then helped catch the real killers. Buffalo fired him.

Now a new nuisance has emerged into Western New York life; the completely dishonest politician. In the upcoming weeks the First Amendment Club will attempt to point out which politicians are honest and which politicians are not. You may be surprised at the results. We will show you the who, what and where, and even more importantly the why and the how. You may look at things differently and hopefully your vote will reflect it. They should consider this a notice.

We believe honesty is still the best policy, it never goes out of style! We also believe you agree.

Who, among the numerous elected officials and potential challengers lining up for this year’s elections, might the Club be preparing to expose?


  • Simon Magus

    There is so much corruption these days. I was wondering when these guys would speak up?

  • Some Guy

    Maybe the First Amendment Club should start with themselves. They have operated as a political committee under the definition of New York State Election Law for many years but have failed to file a single campaign finance report.

  • West Side of the Islander

    The first Amendment folks are responsible for the Pro-Grisanti flyers handed out in the contest against Antoine Thompson.

    They said Sen Thompson was part of an “east side political gang.”

    Nice people keeping racial tensions warm these 1st amendmenters…


  • Mike Dantonio

    Some Gay and West Side of the Islander shouldn,t be afriad of saying who they really are. Grisanti beat Thompson fair and square. (and I liked Thompson) But if government was really honest they would look into thw AEG scandel.

  • Mary Ayoingin

    I’m glad Antoine lost to Grisanti but I hope he beats Tim Kennedy. He was out of position but I hope he comes back!

  • Lancey Howard

    The First Amendment Club doesn’t take prisoners. They’ve written that Thompsson’s paper (Black) is top shelf and that he was out of place and that he belongs back in government. I hope they’re right, I could vote for Antoine again and I voted against him the last time.

  • Some Guy

    haha, Some Gay, clever! Mike, you sucked coaching the Knicks.

    Let’s be clear, I don’t like Antoine, but what I care about is campaign finance. The First Amendment Club has operated a political committee for years without filing a single report with the state Board of Elections. It spent money on behalf of Mark Grisanti, without filing, then John Duke who shares and address with where the FAC’s contributions go, got a job with Mark Grisanti.

    But hey, feel free to look at Amherst Town Clerk Marjory Jaeger too. When she is not getting her sister a job with water authority and her cousin a job with the Amherst IT department, she has been accepting and making contributions on behalf of “WNY Business for Reform” which curious has bailed Guy Marlette’s committee out numerous times when it has run out of money.

  • Mike Dantono

    Sorry some guy. It wasn’t intentionial. I didn;t mean anything, thanks for being a good sport

  • Tommy Boy

    Does the First Amendment Club have a website?

    Do they have a meeting hall?

    When is their next meeting? I may want to attend. Are meetings open to the public?

  • Kyle Peterson

    I know the First Amendment Club is P O’d about gerrymandering and they’re also very much against hydrofracking. I believe they are going to be holding a large rally at Buff State in the begining of June with the general public being invited. It could be just three weeks before the primaries if Albany changes the date from September 11 to June 26.

  • Avert thyself

    I think they are hunkered down In a broken windowed bunker halfway between a watery clay pit and a nuclear dumpsite. From this vantage point it is easy to look up through the morass into the glorious blinding light cast by the naked Caesar Andrewicus !!

  • Allen Miller

    Because I really don’t care what your topic is (one of my goals is Occupy ArtVoice with my first Amendment) and to let you know there are actually things we agree on (at least I think) you may have seen this, if not enjoy its pretty funny

    These are people that I consider are perverting Christianity

  • Jesse

    Sorry, the 1st Amendment Club does not have to answer to anyone regarding who they are or what money they spend. Then again, we have the freedom to continue to not know who the hell these guys are…

  • Tommy Boy

    What elected officials are members or have member support of this orhanization?