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Kaleida Closing Gates Circle Hospital in Two Weeks

A worker on a lift was hanging this huge banner on Millard Fillmore Gates this morning—letting everybody know that in two weeks the busy hospital building will become a hulking, vacant mass. It stands right across the street from the lot where the Park Lane restaurant used to be. That was torn down four years ago, you’ll remember, to make way for a glass high-rise that never got built.

It’s been over five years since Kaleida announced the closing, as prescribed by the Berger Commission Report on Healthcare Facilities in the 21st Century. Still no plan for what to do with the place. Now, they’re offering a million-dollar reward to the person who can come up with a solution. God knows Kaleida president and CEO James Kaskie’s got no idea, despite making like ten times that amount over the past five years.

But there is a bright side. The employees who used to work at Gates Circle will soon be counted among the people working at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. So that will create the illusion of job creation there. Ask yourself: Isn’t the appearance of job creation better than the lack of the appearance of job creation?

This is the way economic engines work, apparently.

  • lulu

    Wow – super negative tone here (or maybe I am just reading it that way – hard to tell online these days). Regardless, this is something we have known was coming for some time now and I am glad the workers are moving to BNMC rather than being laid off. We need senior living facilities with various levels of on-site care in the City and I propose it is reused as such.

  • Peter A Reese

    lulu: I agree, this is great news! Now there won’t be any place to park near the BNMC and we will have a huge empty building to contend with which Kaleida is going to run away from. This sure bodes well for a productive reuse of Children’s Hospital. And why not another government financed nursing home? We have plenty of old poor people and we need to warehouse them somewhere. Run over to Kaskie and pick up your $1M prize.

  • mike

    Give it to Carl, he needs a new planter.

  • saltecks

    Cannot believe your lamenting the passing of the reconstructed Park Lane. The faux Tudor with the Styrofoam wood beams inside. Grass looks better.

  • saltecks—

    Grass would look better. For now, it’s sort of a parking lot.

  • Phil

    Don’t worry. Kaleida can donate the Gates building to Grassroots shell corporation CAO.