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UB 2020 Presidential Tour Rolls On

Click here to see some pics of SUNY Buffalo President Satish Tripathi’s shindig hosted by Jeremy Jacobs at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach.

This road show will be rockin’ 20 cities in 20 months. Didn’t they tell us tuition and fee increases would promote excellence? By the looks of things, they weren’t lying. Most excellent, dudes! Excelsior!


  • Peter A Reese

    My tax dollars at work building a better SUNY on the backs of our citizens. Wouldn’t you think they would try to hide some of this stuff?

  • Matt

    Since it’s an alumni function the trips could have been paid for by the Alumni Association. I can’t confirm or deny that, though.

  • Kirsten Miller

    It’s very possible the expenditure was used to solicit contributions from alumni or corporate partners to build up the University endowment, in which case the expense is within the ballpark of reasonableness.

  • James H. Burnette

    And I just ate another year extension on my ban from UB. That makes it a total of 2 1/2 years exile from UB owned or operated properties. When am I going to get charged with something, Mr. President ? What ever happened to due process ? You’re not a country club… you’re a public university, dammit !