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YAK Car Pic of the Day

'91 (or '92) Olds Toronado, Youngstown, N.Y.

To some of us a 20-year-old car isn’t all that old. Some of us have shoes older than that! But to my kids, who were born in ’90 and ’93, I imagine this 1991-92 Oldsmobile Toronado would be an old car. The final two years for Old’s original front-driver, the ’91s and ’92s were virtually identical. I guess Olds was tired of pouring money into what had by then turned into a non-seller. Too bad, because these final ones were probably the best-looking Toros of the previous 10-15 years. But perhaps almost 25 thousand 1992 dollars was just too much a price to ask for a has-been. This one was seen recently in Youngstown.

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

  • Joseph Coppola

    Nay! Nay! I say! I was the 1st generation Toro’s that were the best looking. ’96 to ’70. Just too cool for words.

    • Jim Corbran

      @Joe – if you meant to say ’66-’70, I’ll agree with you. I just thought this ’92 was better than the previous versions starting in the ’70s and through the ’80s.