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YAK Car(?) Pic of the Day

1970s (?) Serro Scotty, Lewiston, N.Y.

Okay, it’s Leap Day, so here’s something completely different: it’s what I’m guessing to be a 1970s Serro Scotty camper — guessing (on the year) because the hand-lettered For Sale sign in the window has been there so long (as it has sitten in a Lewiston parking lot) that it’s faded into oblivion. Wouldn’t this look great cleaned up behind your old car or pickup? Or maybe a roving office. Or taco trailer (of course, check first with local ordinances).

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know


  • Joseph Coppola

    What parking lot in Lewistown? It has potential. (A little hunting/fishing shack)

  • Max

    Jim, this trailer would be the perfect accompaniment for that early 70s hulk of a Plymouth Grand Fury you posted a week ago. A match made in heaven!

  • It is a 1973 or 1974 18′ (including tongue) HiLander, commonly called a Trunkback. Not a highly desirable model as Serro used an experimental panelized construction method on them. Makes them a bear to repair water damage. They only used that method on that model and then rejected both the method and the model.

    • Jim Corbran

      Nancy, maybe that’s why I couldn’t find much info on this thing. Couldn’t find another Serro Scotty with both the bump-up on the roof and the bump-out in the back. Pretty awful-looking when you come right down to it.

      Joe, it’s on Ridge Road in the town, east of Ramsonville Road.

  • Janet

    Hi Jim. I was just sent a pic of this by a friend who drove by yesterday. Tried googling for research and your link came up. Tells me this is meant to be!!! I restore these for a living…that I am eaking out as best I can! Am from the other side of Rochester. You wouldn’t happen to have a phone number before I make the drive would you? I appreciate any help you can give. Glad this old beauty caught your eye!

  • Jim Corbran

    @ Janet – the note on the camper door is pretty much unreadable.

    And it’s actually just WEST of Ransomville Road on Rt. 104.