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YAK Car Pic of the Day

Oddjob and his Ranchero

Oddjob leaving the scrap yard, the back of his 1964 Ford Ranchero containing the neatly cubed remains of the 1964 Lincoln Continental he came in with (with Mr. Solo’s body in the trunk). The Lincoln, which I as a 12-year-old watching Goldfinger at the movie theater couldn’t believe was pulverized before our eyes on the screen, had just came out of the crusher. Ouch.

Ouch, indeed!

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

  • Joseph Coppola

    As a 14 year old, I was more impressed by Pussy Galore (Hinor Blackman) & her Flying Circus. (Or as my sister Christine said, “her Flying Cathouse”)

    • Jim Corbran

      “Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore” still sticks in the back of my mind as two of the coolest names in showbiz.

      And my teenage son, along with a few million others his age, now regularly wear old-guy-hats. What goes around, comes around.

  • Eric P.

    I felt the same way about them crushing that cool lincoln in that movie. That was cruel. I wasn’t so concerned for Mr. Solo.

    I have also thought a crushed car cube would make a neat coffee table. Good luck trying to move it.

    We also had fun pretending to be Odd-Job by frisbee-throwing my Dads “old-guy hats” at each other.