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#BuffCashMob Today at Thin Ice on Elmwood!

Filed under: BuffCashMob

Who: You and $20

What: A Buffalo Cash Mob!

When: Today between 5-7PM

Where: Thin Ice at 719 Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo

Why: Because you want to invest in the businesses that have invested in Buffalo. Because you love social media and making a difference in your community. Because you want to do cool things with cool people. Because you cast 2351 votes in the final round of voting and chose this business!

Stop in, check out an anchor of Elmwood retail and support their business as best you can.

This little idea, born in Buffalo, has now spread to over 70 cities and three countries. It’s received coverage in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Inc. and on NBC/MSNBC, NPR, and dozens of web outlets. Be sure to come out and show America that we’re still the home of the cash mob and that we support our local businesses like no other city in America.

  • Pauldub

    Just forked out 2k to get the car fixed. Think Thin Ice will accept rolled coin as payment?

  • mike

    Wow Paul, a headlight for a Mercedes it that much?

  • Pauldub

    You know it’s going to be bad when you’re supposed to drop off the car at the dealer in the evening and the exhaust system falls off on the way to work that morning.
    And that wasn’t why you were taking the car there in the first place.

  • Greg

    You’re top in /r/politics right now.

  • mike in buffalo

    Do the cash mobs in other cities stick to the most successful commercial strips in their cities as well?

    How about no more voting for this thing. Otherwise were looking at a 2012 cashmob schedule of

    Dolcis- March
    Acropolis- April
    Elmwood Pet Supplies- May
    Panos- June
    Blue Monk -July
    We Never Close – August
    Mister Pizza – September
    JP Bullfeathers – October
    Acropolis- November (Will probably win a couple of times)
    Davolio Olive Oil – December

  • Pauldub

    Ask people where they want to go and they tell you what they are familiar with. If the question came from one of the Bee publications the list would probably consist of places with lots of senior specials. Put it in the UB publications and you would get half bars, half Jim’s Steakout.

  • Pauldub


  • Starting next month, there will be CashMobs hosted in the suburbs. I’m working with several people who will host their own events in Ken-Ton, the Southtowns (OP/Hamburg, EA), and the eastern suburbs of Lancaster/Cheektowaga. So, we’ll start getting some diversity in that way.

    Also, starting next month, I’ll accept nominations, but a panel of people will select where the mob will be held in order to guarantee a little more location diversity and the ability to spread the love to more areas of the city.

    As an aside, many businesses on Elmwood struggle to stay open month-to-month and need our support. There is a high rate of churn in the EV due to higher rents, increased costs, etc. So, what you think of as a successful business might only be a month or two away from closing at any point in time.

  • mike

    Paul, we are just bustin your chops. I sure you drive a Buick!

  • Pauldub

    Nope – a hipster beater Subaru! Had an Oldsmobile once though. I think it came with senior discounts for McDonalds coffee.

  • Still laughing about the idea of Paul in a Mercedes whilst wearing his bowling shirt.

  • Pauldub

    Laugh if you will. My extensive collection has something to match any make and model vehicle.I see my “Chico’s Bail Bonds” looking good in a powder blue ’65 LeMans. The Strike Kings however is definitely Buick Material.

  • mike

    Ouch, I have a 14 year old subaru, is this what I am in for too? I would skip the dealer they always charge alot.

  • Pauldub

    Mine is only 9, 125k. Dealer has a better warranty on their work it seems. Couple of the local shops have not really impressed me of late.
    Drive shafts ain’t cheap, neither are complete exhaust systems. Everything went at once. Figure I’m good for another 100k now.

    As for Thin Ice, finest collection of skulls I’ve seen in a while. Not as pricey as I expected. Walked out a few bucks lighter, but very pleased.

  • guest

    what a bunch of shit

  • Shopper

    I am grateful to any business that supports local independent artisans and business people, and allows them to make a living, support themselves and their families, and keep the dollars local. They take those dollars out and support others like them, and that is what can make a struggling city come back to life. Thin Ice allows many local folks to live, and keep dollars flowing to places like the local mechanic, hair dresser, shoe repair guy, and on and on. That benifits us all in the end. Bravo.

  • Shopper

    … and maybe I will be so inspired by this, I will learn to use a spell check…