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#BuffCashMob Winner Announced – Thin Ice

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If you don’t know what the Buffalo Cash Mob is, please click here for the backstory or read one of the recent stories about how this locally born idea has spread across the country in the Wall Street Journal, on MSNBC, or on NPR’s Here and Now.

You nominated over 30 local businesses, including The Broadway Market, Animal Outfitters, Westside Stories, Budweys, The Sterling Tavern, GiGi’s, and Paula’s Donuts.

You cast 2351 votes in the final round.

And by a margin of eleven votes, you picked a winner.

The next Buffalo Cash Mob will be held this Thursday, February 23rd between the hours of 5-7PM at Thin Ice at 719 Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo.

Thin Ice received 956 votes and the Western New York Book Arts Center received 945. It was a close race, but Thin Ice won with a huge burst of votes last Friday as the contest came to an end. WNYBAC is an awesome local organization and I highly encourage you to visit the Book Arts Center and sample the wonderful offerings. As this contest has grown, the second place finisher one month usually emerges as the winner the following month. So, let’s keep WNYBAC in mind for March.

So, what is Thin Ice?

Thin Ice Gift Shop is committed to supporting the local arts community by selling locally hand crafted, one of a kind gift items. At Thin Ice we believe in supporting the country we live in and so everything at Thin Ice is hand crafted in America! If we can’t speak directly to the artist we won’t carry the work.

At Thin Ice you will find hand crafted, one of a kind jewelry; oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe pottery that is not only one of a kind and beautiful but also fully functional; a wide variety of glass kaleidoscopes; hand turned wooden bowls made from trees from the October storm; handblown and hand fused glass vases, bowls, suncatchers, amongst many other glass items; metal wall pieces to decorate your home; hand knit scarves, hand sewn bags; wood and glass jewelry boxes, and much, much more.

The website provides just a sampling of the work available in the store.

Essentially, a local brick and mortar version of Etsy featuring sustainable products.

After we visit the store, we’ll meet up across the street at The Acropolis for a beer. Or, we can visit last month’s cash mob winner, Chow Chocolat, which is right next door to Thin Ice.

By the way, I’m often asked why it is that we don’t actually “mob” the business by gathering en masse and visiting the store as a horde. The original idea of this was to allow the vendor or business to establish relationships with new customers, and not just get a quick $20 from a hundred customers. To allow people to visit the store, meet the owner and to get to know the backstory of both. This way, we build new and stable relationships which can stabilize monthly business. We can “mob” if the crowd thinks that would be fun, but we’ve been pretty successful ($10,000 spent at 6 local businesses) thus far. Let me know what you think.

If we can get 10% of the voters to visit the store, we could be looking at over 200 people shopping at Thin Ice this Thursday. So, lets convert those votes into dollars.

Invest in businesses that invest in us. Support Thin Ice at the next Buffalo Cash Mob.

  • RaChaCha

    OK, since I just took a sec to do the numbers (old math major habits die hard) I may as well type them in here. I’ve got:

    Thin Ice: 956
    WNYBAC: 945
    Acropolis: 450

    Breakout of lefthanded vegetarian redhead vote awaits the crosstabs 😉

  • Mike

    I wonder how many 22 dollar cheese slicers they will sell.

  • Congrats Thin Ice 🙂 I think there may be some knit monsters left there somewhere… Just sayin’ 🙂