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Valenti’s: The Eden FOIL

This is the final set of documents I’ve received pursuant to Freedom of Information Law requests, relating to the owners of the 2 1/2-star Valenti’s Restaurant. These are public records that are available to anyone. Out of an abundance of caution, I have redacted names and contact information of minors and some other individuals who have not been part of the general Valenti’s story.

And after reviewing these three municipalities’ FOILs, ask yourself: how many times have you had police involvement in your life since November of last year? Valenti’s: The Eden FOIL

  • an old employee


  • Someone is apparently under the mistaken impression that the police give “frequent flyer” miles, or something. Geesh.


    Total trash.

  • Debbie

    Almost like playing Monopoly….They’ve rolled the dice and slid past the, “Go Directly To Jail” space, but everyone knows, sooner or later, they’re gonna land there!


    I have NOT had police at my house this much in 20 yrs, if mot longer. This is insane.

  • Debbie

    Interestingly enough… I’ve only had the police at my house, due to the black toofed hag! Lets not leave out DCF, that Broom Hilda likes to call as well….

    Brings to mind… “A boy who cried wolf”! ~~~~LMAO@U L.B~~~~~

  • Educator

    So who is going to start the web page blog, aside from artvoice? Or do we start a facebook page? I nominate Karma!

  • Funny, I don’t see any smiling employees in those photos. LOL

  • Debbie

    Goodness…They left in such a rush, Ms. Brocuglio forgot the scrapbook. Aww all those wonderful memories…GONE!

    I wonder if one of them will try to out bid others, for the booth they did their interview in, or for the cute little chalk board advertizing the gift cards?

    Ms. Brocuglio is good at d/ling other people’s pictures, maybe she’ll d/l the one of the backroom? Great Memories there…



    Nothing new from alan?