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This Modern World: Return to the Rightwingoverse

  • Allen Miller

    We will all remember President George W Obama. It was one continuous policy 2001-2012, same war policy, same Gitmo policy, same big spending policy, many of the same wall street backers, both were pretty good liars as well, many similarities. They both said stupid things like 57 states, referencing corps men. Sure they each had their own cronies and did lip service to their so called base while screwing them. The only person who took more vacation than Obama in his first three years was — you guessed it Bush, but it is close.

    Fortunately for the war mongers among us we can enjoy killing of Pakistanis with drones without a word from the media. Our Marines can satisfyingly piss on dead corpses of overseas contingency opponents without it being more than a two day news cycle like Abu Ghraib was.

    The really sad thing about this somewhat accurate comic was that you could change the name to “Left Wingo Verse” find similar characters on the left with their own garbage and it would work just as well. Even more sadly is that Ron Paul is not the answer.

    Where was the change we were suppose to believe in? We just got a new boss, same as the old boss.