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YAK Car Pic of the Day

Merkur XR4Ti, Elma, N.Y.

This is from the “I Would Have Bought One If I Knew How To Say the Name” files: the Merkur XR4ti. Built by Ford of Europe and imported by the Lincoln-Mercury Division from 1985-89, it was not as successful as the compact Capri had been for L-M. In fact, it was pretty much a flop. In Europe the Merkur was sold as a Ford Sierra — probably a better name, one they maybe should have stuck with. The name wasn’t the only problem though. It was pricey for a small car, and many L-M dealers were just as happy (or happier) to push buyers into a Town Car with its higher profit margin. At any rate, the public wasn’t buying the Merkur. There was another Merkur model, the four-door Scorpio, known in some parts of Europe as the Granada (not to be confused with the North American Ford Granada). And for the record, it’s pronounced mare-KOOR. This tan XR4Ti was photographed a while back in an Elma parking lot.

'88 XR4Ti and Scorpio

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

  • Buddy

    I have 2 of these fast jewels 😀 Red one and a production year black on black one without the sunroof. The one’s without the sunroof are better for the drifting and racing cause of the stability.