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The End of Valenti’s Restaurant

Yesterday afternoon, North Tonawanda City Court Judge William Lewis awarded Frank Budwey a warrant of eviction against Desires Unlimited d/b/a Valenti’s Restaurant, and a money judgment for $5,200 in unpaid rent, plus $500 in costs and attorney’s fees.  Valenti’s has 30 days to appeal. 

The unusually long and contentious eviction trial took place over two days, and ended one of the more bizarre restaurant stories in recent memory. Just five short weeks ago, veteran Buffalo News restaurant critic Janice Okun lauded the volume of Valenti’s portions and booths, awarding it 2 1/2 stars. In that review, Okun repeated boasts that co-owners Terry Valenti and Lori Brocuglio had made about Valenti’s work history, including a wild claim that Valenti had defeated Bobby Flay on the TV program Iron Chef America with an award-winning dish of sea bass stuffed with artichokes and parsnips – quite possibly the most exotic “haute cuisine” Valenti could imagine. 

But Valenti’s had bigger problems than just a cook with a false resume. Although Budwey had waived the rent for part of October and all of November, he fully expected payment for December and January at $3,000 per month. By late December, Valenti’s still owed that month’s rent, and was losing purveyor accounts for non-payment. Valenti and Brocuglio paid Budwey $300 around that timeDoctored receipt, and a dispute arose at trial whether they paid $500 or $1500 in cash in early January. The court found that Valenti’s had, in fact, paid $500, because Budwey presented contemporaneous evidence of the cash deposits in both his business ledger and his bank records. He claimed that Lori Brocuglio, who admitted writing “payment in full” on the receipt also doctored it to read $1,500 instead of $500.  

The legal issue is that accepting money as “payment in full” would have potentially bound Budwey to that figure for rents then due and owing. The judge found, however, that other communications from clearly showed that he did not intend to be so bound. Around the same time the receipt was given, a Valenti’s check was made out to Frank “Budway” for $3,000.  Much of Tuesday’s trial centered around how Budwey got the check, and who wrote it. Budwey said either Lori or Terry gave it to him, and he took it to M&T, where he discovered that it would not clear. Budwey then turned the check over to the authorities, and Brocuglio awaits trial on misdemeanor charges of knowingly passing a bad check. 

Here is an example of a check that Brocuglio admits to having written: 

Compare that to the disputed $3,000 rent check that took up so much testimony and argument at trial: 

The mis-spelling of Budway’s name matches Brocuglio’s clumsily constructed Facebook page from last week. 

In rendering his decision, Judge Lewis said that “Brocuglio’s claims fly in the face of the testimony and documents”. He found that it was disingenuous for her to suggest that Budwey forged the check.  Brocuglio likely didn’t realize that Budwey had kept two voice mails she left for him in early January. In the first message, which was played for the judge in court, Brocuglio acknowledges that Terry Valenti had given the check to Budwey, and asks him not to cash it. She said that they would pay the rent via certified funds instead. However, the next day Brocuglio called again, and had completely changed her story.  In a second voice mail played for the judge in court, Brocuglio got a message that Budwey had tried to cash the check, and was notified that the police were now involved. In both calls, she alluded to getting a lawyer to go after Budwey, but now denies knowing of any check, implying that Budwey stole or forged it. 

Brocuglio also claimed that Budwey had agreed to waive the rent for December and January, but the documentary evidence directly contradicted that testimony. 

Brocuglio claimed to the judge that they were ready, willing, and able to pay the rent, but that a dispute that arose with Brocuglio’s nominal “partner” in the business, Melissa Janiszewski, had tied up the bank account. Janiszewski spoke to me in court and disputed this claim, stating that she had no signing privileges on the account, was not named on the account, and that Brocuglio and Valenti had deliberately kept her in the dark about the business’ finances. It was also revealed that Janiszewski, a legal co-owner in the Valenti’s venture, was not named on the lease. Since there’s a money judgment arising out of that lease, she’s rather lucky in this respect, but it indicates that as early as the formation of the business, Valenti and Brocuglio appeared to be conspiring to use Janiszewski as an unwitting pawn in a scheme to run up credit with no intention of repayment. Instead, an old DBA of Terry Valenti’s dating back a decade, the sex-toy-shop-sounding “Desires Unlimited” was listed on the lease as DBA Valenti’s Restaurant. However, a DBA is merely a business name – it is not a legal entity. That’s why the name of a person or corporation precedes the letters “DBA” on legal documents. In this case, however, regardless of the illegality of one DBA doing business as another DBA, Lori Brocuglio signed the lease as a personal guarantor. 

In a dramatic twist in the middle of the trial, Terry Valenti, who looked quite different without his facial hair and bandanna, was escorted from the courtroom by deputies and did not return. Mr. Valenti was apprehended by the Niagara County Sheriff’s Office on a felony warrant for forgery originating from Midland County, Texas. After losing his job at Captain Hiram’s in Florida, Valenti moved to Texas, where he cooked at a retirement community in Odessa. Valenti stands accused of forging an ex-girlfriend’s name on a Power of Attorney and title, to fraudulently transfer a motor vehicle for his benefit. Mr. Valenti was led out while Ms. Brocuglio stood at trial with her lawyer, and they were advised of Mr. Valenti’s unexpected departure during a break in the proceedings. He awaits extradition proceedings in the Niagara County Jail

After the proceedings, Mr. Budwey suggested that the Valenti defendants waive any right to retrieve belongings from the restaurant property, and that Budwey would in turn waive the money judgment. For his part, Budwey was happy to have his building back, in the hopes that he can now re-rent it to a less dramatic, more competent tenant. Brocuglio and Valenti had boasted of taking Budwey to Supreme Court for damages relating to his alleged self-help and constructive eviction measures, but with Valenti on his way to Texas and Brocuglio now with a $5000+ judgment over her head, and being behind on the rent at her residential apartment in Eden, it is unknown whether any such action will be pursued. 

Sources who contacted me yesterday add to the story – in running their business, Valenti and Brocuglio used fake social security numbers. When one vendor investigated the Valenti’s operators in an effort to secure fees owed, they discovered that staff – when paid – was paid cash or by business check without required withholdings. They also found that Valenti and Brocuglio had a scheme in the works to use the time between service of the notice to quit and the eviction trial to gut the building and auction off all the contents – Budwey’s “self help” prevented that scheme from taking place, but that Valenti had apparently retained an auctioneer for that purpose. 

Valenti’s restaurant is no more. It leaves behind a trail of cheated vendors and ex-partners. From the documents shown in court, it is safe to presume that it was deceitful not only in its operation, but even in its very foundation. I don’t know whether this is a unique situation, or one that is common in every place, all the time. In the end, Valenti’s taught us that lying isn’t a good business plan, and that it doesn’t take much to operate a reasonably successful red sauce joint in a small Niagara County city, as long as you treat your patrons and employees with respect, and serve decent food at a reasonable price. 

The whole saga (so far) is available here, with an innocuous takedown of a Janice Okun “review”, updated hereherehereherehere, here, and here.)


  • ParsnipH8R

    Karma check ur inbox

  • The Peace Maker

    Obviously there are a lot of people terribly hurt by Terry and Lori. I do not know Lori at all, but I most certainly know Terry longer than any of you and I can assure you all that he comes across as a person who is sincere and honest, but then BAM! You get hit with a ton of lies and all the baggage you didn’t know you had coming……..Terry and this Lori person will live with their bad choices for the rest of their lives. They can believe what they like because the rest of the world knows that they are liars, cheats, con artists and whatever else you may want to think of. (But you don’t need to write that down. I have read enough and pretty much have made the observation by all of your opinions of them from what you previously had wrote down on here)Don’t need to reharsh it out again. This is way too much drama between all of you and I understand that these characters have done you all wrong in really horrible and rotten things, but really, does this make you any better by lashing out at them as a public display for what they did? Just my opinion is all.
    We have established that Lori is a liar and so is Terry.Let the justice system take care of them. They will have what is coming. Justice will prevail.

  • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Looks like Whori IS trolling for other men. Don’t worry Whori, I’ve already done a screen capture to show your man someday your profile.


    Not surprising. If there is something lowdown, duplicitous, deceitful or morally corrpupt you can bet this chick has done it. She’s a lowlife.

    Also, ‘slender build’…oookay.

  • Justice

    It’s technically called “crack” build. But anyway!

    @ The Peace Maker.. Yes I do believe that all of this is necessary. IF not for this blog many of us would still be sitting back with empty hands. WITH this blog and the posting we have been able to come together as a group of victims and fill in wholes that were there and be able to MAKE Justice Prevail.


    Guess she considers herself a senior. I smell an AARP fraud coming next!

  • Aly

    I personally think that the two of them are, in a twisted way, soul mates; however, she needs money with him gone, and who is an easier mark than an older man looking for love? Or a handy in exchange for crack. It’s really a win-win on her part.

  • Debbie

    LMFAO @ The Singles Site! Looks like Ms. Brocuglio needs to do some updating:
    Profession rest owner< Nope not any longer!

    Wait a minute: I am Seeking a Man For Long Term? WOW! Shame Mr. Valenti isn't able to read this!

    I guess, there's your proof, that Ms. Brocuglio = Intent babygirllb is looking for a relationship.

    About Me
    Horses,campfires,riding mud trucks being with the man i adore
    have many goals,started some of them looking for that one person i can share them with and live happy.

    I am looking for my country boy a man who can just say it like it is no games no B/S

    First Date
    I would like to talk awhile and learn a bit about eachother not ready to jump in,chat with me and lets see where it takes us

    Ok I'm in total agreement, with Karma calling Ms. Brocuglio WHORI!

    UNREAL! lmao

  • Alan,
    Check your email!


    I guess someone stole her identity and signed up to a bunch of singles sites. is that what happened Lori? Or are you just a dishonest cheat?

  • Justice

    Dishonest cheat… Obviously.. She has an annulment on record. lol

  • James,
    Email me please, need your help.

  • You’re right James, I just said to Deb before I saw your post, Whori will claim someone else set it up.

    I’ve just come into some of the shittiest, lowest you can go info on these two, I’ll divulge more. We’re not talking state charges either.

  • mike

    The circle jerk goes on and on. Wow I am so scared some fat turd is going to drive over here. 4 or 5 losers with nothing better to do!


    And yet you keep checking in and responding Mike.

  • Debbie

    @Mike: Stop hate’n on our circle jerk, just because you’re not invited! lmao


    Well, the good news is that it’s not over for them. This really could just be the beginning if a few other things come to pass. Lori, you should be very worried right now. It’s only going to get worse.

  • Justice

    By FAR.

  • I bet she’s hitting that pipe fast and furious right now!

  • Slappy

    This gets more and more compelling..just when I think it’s about over, here comes more! Damn, this is fascinating…

  • The Peace Maker

    @ Juctice:

    I guess you will be waiting a very long time, because you can’t get blood from a stone.
    Like I said, I don’t know Lori, but I know Terry, so don’t hold your breath.

    Good luck!

  • Justice

    Oh Sweetie, I don’t want money from her! I know she has nothing but her mouth. I won’t rest until she is in prison for the damage she has done and possible time in a psycho ward to help with muliple personality disorder and sociaopathic behavior. I also think a drug intervention program will be good for her.

    THEN maybe she can learn to at least be a marginal human being.

    • Alan Bedenko

      I just got off the phone with the media relations manager for Verizon. He confirms for me that the phone number for Valenti’s restaurant (716-692-4339) was in the name of “D.A. Britting”. Online records show it as being in the name of Verne L. Britting.

      Verne Britting died in 1985, but his wife, Dorothy A. Britting, died in 2009.

      Why was the phone for Valenti’s Restaurant in the name of a woman who died 3 years ago?

  • Debbie

    And BAM another shock wave is on it’s way!

  • BOY, I got you 2 now, expect a TORNADO!!


    Wow, Lori. It looks like you may be using the identity of a dead woman. Interesting that you mentioned identity theft in your little newspaper interview. Do you understand how serious this is?

    I can’t wait to see who she tries to blame for this.

  • mike

    Maybe the phone number was grandfathered!

    • Alan Bedenko

      Terry Valenti appeared before Niagara County Judge Matthew Murphy this morning and waived extradition. He will be held in the Niagara County Jail for up to 30 days awaiting transportation to Texas. Judge Murphy’s clerk says he likes the other state to pick up prisoners on warrants within 10 days.

  • Justice

    I am SURE it will be someone elses “fault”. She didn’t know Do you know how these bills were paid? By check? I know, I am not trying to be funny about her paying bills. Is there a way someone can check to see if this ladies SS number was used to open OTHER accounts for that place?? WOW LORI, you are messing with the Dead now. You are goign Straight past hell to a special place in the under world.


    The account for phone number that is grandfathered wouldn’t be in a deceased person’s name. But you’re right Mike. I’m sure there is an entirely rational explanation why their phone account is in the name of deceased woman. They have proved time and time again that they are upstanding, dependable citizens who are entitled to a clear moral conscience. They’re just tragically unfortunate victims of circumstance.


    It’s great that Lori and Terry aren’t able to conspire and get their stories straight in light of this new information.

    What now babygirl? Think, is there anything else you should be worried about coming back to haunt you?

  • D A Britting
    385 Broad St, Tonawanda, NY 14150

    Comment by Karma — January 20, 2012 @ 1:09 am

    Digging deeper, DA Britting on Broad St. was Dorothy Britting, who passed away in 2009, it almost looks like an account was opened under a dead woman’s name?

    I sure hope I’m wrong……….

    Damn you people, you need to listen to me, I know what I’m doing, I posted this on the 20th! LOL

  • They’re SCUM to be using a dead person’s identity. The FBI came to our house one day when I was younger, and informed my Mom that someone had assumed her dead baby’s identity, and was conning people across the country using his identity. These lowlife parasites have been doing the same thing, I just wonder with how many other identities.

  • Debbie

    That’s not the last shock wave!

  • NOPE, still more to come, TRUST ME!

  • Noah

    Lori claiming identity theft.

  • I hope I’m wrong in the sense that it would be a shame to have someone desecrate a dead person’s memory by assuming their identity.

    But I hope I’m RIGHT, I’d love to put another nail in these losers coffins….

    Comment by Karma — January 20, 2012 @ 1:58 am

  • Don’t worry Lori, I’ve got a LOT more nails in my tool pouch, I’m not done yet, not by a LONG shot!

  • DAMN!!!!!! Talk about crucifying someone, shit!!! Terry and Lori seriously needs to kiss their asses good-bye. Ron, remind never to get on your bad side. Ever thought about going into law enforcement or bounty hunting? It’s just blows me away, every time I come on here, a new victim, new information on their twisted lies and deceit. I bet Allan never imagined he would open a whole new Pandora’s box!!!

  • lori

    Keep going please do ! i don’t care about the lie’s you saying and i don’t waste effort on the battles at all please keep up your hate and wrong info its ok spend your everyday on us i don’t care hmmmm do you know why ????
    always calm before the storm when the dust settles we didn’t choose this fight with you remember you got in our business and slandered us with things that where not true but all good oh and i hurt you or hmmm didn’t even know you at all ron and lol met debbie once how i hurt her hmmmmm cause terry wanted to be with me sorry his choice. hope you stay with her forever you might find her doing this to you later ron put us through all you want will be just fine in the end oh and your wrong about the phone goes to show you make shit up

  • ParsnipH8R

    Karma email me with a time.

  • Noah


    My wife brought up a good point not only will Terry get Forgery but maybe also Felony Evasion.

  • No Noah, the warrant was issued while he was in NY, he didn’t have a warrant when he left Tx

  • Noah

    Oh. Too Bad!

  • He WON’T be getting bail if I have anything to do with it. He’s a flight risk from Texas, he can’t use the excuse he needs to tend to his business, because by his statements, he HAS no business. We’ll also play the audio of him threatening a family that he will send the HA’s to the house, we fear for our life from him 🙂

    The worst is yet to come, I’ve only JUST started, so be prepared.

  • Noah

    @ RoN aka Karma
    Go Ron. Raise the Black Flag. Take No Prisoners. Give No Quarter.

  • I’ve dealt with Terry for what he did to my family, now I’m going to deal with Lori for calling CPS twice on us in the last 6 months, claiming we’re always drunk, doing drugs, abusive to my GF’s son, that our house is a pig stye, etc….

    Funny thing is, neither ONE of us drinks OR uses drugs. I VOLUNTEERED for a urinalysis, and told them unless they check for Monster energy drinks or chocolate milk, they will find nothing. It came back clean. No alcohol in the house, food in the fridge, clean house, and a kid that said the only abuse HE’S seen is when Terry used to beat up his Mother.

    The SECOND time she reported us was since this blog started. Same thing, claiming my GF has been screwing a different man every night, IN FRONT OF HER SON. Do you guys know how it feels to have to have someone question your son with sick questions and allegations like this? Knowing the person who lodged the complaint is the one who is living like that??? I let them know how fucking SAD it is that we have to defend ourselves because of this sick, twisted woman.

    Lori, you can call and make anonymous reports, but when they deem the report to be falsely made, you will NO LONGER be anonymous. We have PROOF it was you, there is no getting out of this. And this IS NOT the tornado I’ve been referring to, I’m also working with another victim that has come forward, so between you two, expect another felony arrest. You’re a despicable piece of garbage, and I will not rest until I get you for what you’ve done. I’ve already proven I don’t lie down, I’ll get more on your then you have EVER expected.

  • Noah

    Terrys on a trading card. OMG It’s unbelievable.

  • Here’s the skank trolling again:

    Coming on here confessing her undying love for her man she’ll stick by through thick and thing. You’re disgusting Lori, I can’t imagine being with someone, and trolling for other partners behind their back.

    And what’s a rest owner? Illiterate bitch.

  • Noah

    @RoN aka Karma
    I’d being doing the same thing your doing, making sure the roof came crashing down on them.

  • Noah

    @ Lori
    The longest relationship babygirllb has been in was over 10 years long.-from her trolling page.
    Jesus Lori! Terry is even shitting prison food yet!

  • Noah


  • (justin)othergrape

    @nightmare; email me @ waterbug2277@gmail

  • (justin)othergrape,
    Email me, I need to ask you something.

  • You know me

    Finally justice has been served! I have been waiting a long time for this day. Hey Terry, you will have a long time to sit and think about all the low down dirty deeds you have pulled on so many good hearted people. @lissin Biatch, Terry deserves to be beat by an entire platoon of true MARINES! Terry has no idea the great honor it is to call yourself a MARINE. My son in law serves 4-years in the Marine Corp, never once complained and come back home 40% disabled for life. It is a brotherhood this loser would Never understand! If I remember correctly, Terry has the USMC band around his upper arm and the bulldog on the other. He may of added additional tat’s over the years. To all the Marines Terry had dishonored- SEMPER FI

  • justin(othergrape)


    check ur email

  • Smokey
  • Becca (Bek)


    LOL he’ll be singin that tune to his shower mates!

  • Justice
  • Todays news
  • The Witch

    May everything you have done to people – be multiplied -and done to you- by those closest to you.This curse will follow the Valentis especially lori for the rest of her life. Karma’s a Bitch baby…..

    Comment by The Witch — January 6, 2012 @ 1:30 am

    Read more:

  • Dave

    Well, LORI, You want to give up that bike yet, or do we have to press charges also.

  • Lori,
    Meet Dave, I brought him into this, I told you I was going to do everything possible to bring you 2 scum DOWN!

  • Debbie

    Gasp…ANOTHER Shock wave?


    Oh-oh Lori…what else did you do? Or is this just another incident where you’re a tragic victim of circumstance?

  • Dave

    I am currently seeking charges against the two of you under the concealment and Scheme to Defraud Statutes of FLA.You know them, I sent you copies of the statutes. Call me and give it up. You will be paying another price for Terry….Are you that much of a sucker, or are you just as bad as Terry???


    I’m going to go ahead and say she’s just as bad if not worse. Good luck with your pursuit. Hopefully justice will be served again. I simply cannot wrap my head around just how much of a loser she is and how arrogant she is to believe she can get away with shit like this.

  • Dave

    Can YOU say the word EXTRADITION? TO FLORIDA!!

  • Dave

    Can YOU say the word EXTRADITION?

  • Dave

    I’m a bit different, I don’t use the law as a defense….I use it as a WEAPON!!!

  • Justice

    This is awesome. IF people can prove and get charges put on her for Identity theft of the Dead Ladies information and she gets charged with that and sentenced and sentenced for the Grand Larceny and bad check writing… When she gets out of Jail for those things she will need to face any charges from Texas or whereever, THEN face charges in Florida on so many multiple charges. She is goign to spend YEARS not only in jail but in court trials.

    What comes around goes around… Do onto others as you would want done to you…. HAHAHAHA

  • Debbie

    S*H*O*C*K W*A*V*E! Not done…..

  • Dave,
    There is ALREADY a warrant for her in Florida, but it’s misdemeanor so they won’t extradite. Florida WILL extradite for a felony, I know that much.

  • Justice

    There are 2 warrants from Florida. lol. Both misdemeanor

  • Lori,
    This STILL isn’t the tornado I’m referring to. Expect more cases to be opened. 🙂

  • Dave

    Hiding and scamming….I’ve done a great deal of research on you and Terry “Conman) Valenti. The Con artist twosome. I’m beginning to know more about Terry and you than either even remember. I’ve followed you from FL., TX.,CT.and NY. You have left quite a trail.

  • Dave

    OH YES, I am Actively working with the State Atty.on felony (and federal wire fraud charges, THEY WILL EXTRADITE AS SHE HAS USED COMMUNICATIONS OVER WIRE, FAX,PHONE ETC.) to get these charges out ASAP to be able to get her in NY before she runs and hides like usual.

  • Dave



    Every day she wakes up she is more fucked than when she went to bed.

    How does that feel Lori?

  • Justice

    Sometimes Dave people go through hell for those pissy little warrants. If the misdemeanor warrants are what you refer to. I am SURE you have been victimized by these people probably in more ways than one. Yet don’t dismiss a misdemeanor warrant as being nothing. You do not know what those people went through. Can you email me?

  • Dave

    OH Dear Lori, please tell me of this devastating “Tornado”, another sob story how you’ve been duped by a lover….give us all a break, your 44 years old, you know damn well what you did and are planning. You think I’m a repo man? LMAO….Not even close!!! I’ve run down the worst Fugitives in the country,Murder,., You and Terry are no match to them. They run from murder Rape, Child Rape etc and I catch them, and you think your gonna scare me off???? Thats a funny one!!

  • Justice

    Her face is pretty scarry! All dried up and leather looking. Oh I almost forgot the famous workman’s comp black tooth.

  • It’s Dave the bounty hunter he taught DOG! LOL!!!

  • Dave


  • Feeling the heat yet, LORI? LOL!!

  • Dave

    Justice…thats funny, I don’t care who you are. LMAO

  • Justice

    Oh I am sorry. Apparently YOU have been the only one affected by these people and YOUR issues are of utmost important. You are the center of everything now! Who does that remind you of…………….

  • Justice

    People on this blog have worked together for almost 2 months, helping each other. YOU are nothing special at all. NOTHING you have is any more important than what ANY of these people on here have gone through and delt with. It is team work and drive that has brought this to where it is at. And it has all been done without you. Good luck with you “felony” case…. Because you are so much more special than everyone else and all.

    Be mad all you want I don’t care. Everyone on here is mad. YOU have to realize you dont act like a dick to the people that are out there that want to help and want the same things you are looking for. Take a breath and stop acting like those that you are fighting

  • Debbie

    Ummm was that a Larry the Cable Guy reference?

  • Damn, I leave for a few hours and another victim comes forward! Just keeps getting better and better!

  • ParsnipH8R

    @justice, who r u mad @? Who r u referring to in ur last post? I can’t seem to follow….

  • @ParsnipH8R,
    Damn man, follow along, Are you standing too close to Lori and the second hand smoke is gettin’ to ya? LOL

  • mike

    Wow, now you got a new friend Dead tooth Dave! Fits right in the rest of the WT.

  • Mike,
    Don’t be a hater, just because your wife left your sorry ass.

  • Debbie

    @”MIKE”, you can be found too! Jus sayin…..

  • By the sandbox, from what I’ve read…

  • Surprise

    What happens if someone forges a signature on a check and then signs themselves and deposits it into the bank?
    (recently) ex-girlfriend took his state disability check, and forged his signature and then and deposited it into the ATM, and or the bank (B of A) cleared the funds. The bank has seen the Weeks saying she deposited ss checks even got the checks at their address, which he lived at.

    Best Answer – That would be forgery and bank fraud, both of which can be felonies.
    There are currently 8 checks in question.

    October 24, 2009-2010
    Add Contact; social security checks pending not signed BY Mr. Valenti

    Forgery and theft. This is an indictable offense that can result in up to 10 years of prison in the U.S. First, file formal charges by going to the police and reporting the crime. Second, if you have any evidence at all that would really help us out.
    Bank of America, W.M.F

    • Alan Bedenko

      Guess who “Surprise” is.

  • Surprise

    Be nervous DLF, be VERRRYYYY nervous, watch what the next charges will be, and against WHO.

  • Debbie

    I LOVE Surprises! I have one for YOU Ms. Brocuglio…LMFAO! You really are too stupid for words!

  • Why are you asking about forgery Lori, you know the laws on that, you dumb bi*ch!

    Now address using a dead woman’s identity, you filthy leech!

  • reader

    It can’t be Lori, the sentance structure and spelling are above 3rd grade level.

  • WOW, this woman IS truly insane!!